Super73 ebike riders on the beach at sunset

The Best Electric Bike for the Beach

In your quest for the perfect electric bike for the beach, you don’t have to settle. You can also secure the best electric bike for commuters in the same ebike. 

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Electric Bikes for the Beach?

It used to be that the term “beach cruiser” evoked sweeping curves in the frame, full fenders, barefoot pedals, and perhaps even fat whitewall tires. In the 1950s, that look was contemporary, and it has aged into as much an icon as the inimitable ‘57 Chevy. 

While those cool retro looks have hit their high and low water marks over the years, technological innovations have lately changed the game. These days, you’re definitely going to want an electric bike for the beach.

Beach Biking Without the Anxiety

So can electric bikes be ridden on sand? Deep sand usually produces a crash pretty quickly, at least on analog bikes. Skinny tires dig in, it’s impossible to pedal through, and you quickly regret leaving the boardwalk as you topple over. 

The first thing you need to know is that electric power now allows you to venture from the boardwalk onto the beach with no worries about not being able to pedal through deep sand. 

Additionally, while those old whitewalls used to be considered fat tires back in the day, today’s electric bikes sport tires that are at least twice as wide. That gives you better flotation over soft sand, meaning your wheels don’t sink in and dig ruts.

SUPER73’s BDGR and GRZLY tires are the perfect complements to an electric bike for the beach:

  • BDGR’s transverse lugs give you superior traction in most situations while keeping rolling resistance and noise to a minimum on the street
  • GRZLY’s aggressive, fractal-inspired lugs provide outstanding traction and mud shedding 

Now the two main adversaries of beach riding — bad traction and a lack of power — have been conquered.

What Is the Best Electric Bike for Commuting?

Speaking of conquering challenges, how about your daily commute? Have you considered how an electric bike might fit into your daily routine? Cycling is fun; imagine what a great mood you’d be in if you got to ride your bike to work every day! 

Consider the SUPER73 S2, the best electric bike for commuters. Its aircraft-grade aluminum frame, fully adjustable fork, and massive fat tires allow you to roll effortlessly over pavement imperfections, potholes, and curbs. 

The full fenders keep water and road debris from striking you as you ride, and 40 to 70 miles of range give you the ultimate confidence in the ability of your machine to get you there and back again. 

Then there are the accessories that make any ride more of a joy than a chore:

  • BDGR tires give good all-around traction for on or off-road rides
  • S2 is also compatible with GRZLY tires for max off-road traction 
  • S2 is compatible with all SUPER73 surf racks 
  • Our cargo collection (rear rack, cargo crate with net, side rack) adds even more versatility

The SUPER73 S2, with its superior performance and versatility, is the best electric bike for commuters. You get mile-devouring range, cargo-carrying versatility, and a platform that’s just as comfortable for long work rides as it is fun when you’re heading to the beach with your longboard.

SUPER73 S2: the Best of Both Worlds

It’s usually not hard to find something that does one thing well. But if you’re looking for a versatile solution that can honestly multitask and not miss a beat, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 

That’s why the S2 is such a rare breed. 

As a transportation solution, it’s a great idea that more people are discovering they wish they’d thought of sooner. Take a spin on a SUPER73 S2, and you might begin to get wild ideas like selling your car, enjoying your daily trips, or joining the Super Squad. Whatever you choose to do, one thing’s clear: life’s better on a SUPER73 S2.