Super73 ebike protected by kryptonite lock

Securing and Locking Up Your Ebike

Securing your ebike is extremely important. This simple, quick guide on how to lock it, where to lock it, and what to lock it with will allow you to ride worry-free.

It’s no secret that bicycles have become expensive. As the years have gone by, prices have gone up. The good news is that you get a lot more bang for your buck in technological advancement, from suspension and frames, to wheel materials and overall construction. 

You get much more functionality, including disc brakes, lights that last longer than 15 minutes, and other assistive technologies. 

The “more” is where ebikes step in and take cycling to the next level. For those who want to elevate the cycling experience, ebikes give you way more than analog and for about the same amount of money, depending on where you look. 

With that being said, throwing down thousands on a bicycle can feel risky, especially if you plan on parking it anywhere other than inside your locked apartment or garage. That’s why we put together this quick guide on how to lock an electric bike.

Ebike Security Basics

The first thing you need to know about locks is why they’re a deterrent. Simply locking something up doesn’t necessarily make it secure. For a thief, getting away uncaught means moving quickly and inconspicuously, and a good lock or two forces them to be both slow and conspicuous. Thieves look for soft, easy targets.  

If your bike is locked up with a crummy little cable and padlock, it’s a soft target. If it’s locked up with one of the locks we sell at SUPER73, it will make thieves think twice, and if it’s locked up with two of them, the thieves will probably move on without a second thought. That’s how to lock an electric bike.

But no matter how great your locks are, they’re not worth a thing if you haven’t secured the bike to something immovable or substantial. The best bike parking facilities are either built into concrete or bolted down, and they’re well lit too. However, regardless of the location, the mission-critical component is the lock itself. 

What Is the Best Lock for an Electric Bike?

Once you understand the basics outlined above, it makes sense that the best lock for an ebike will be built with some rather serious hardware. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be bulky. As you’ll see, innovators in cycling technology are hard at work here too. Let’s look at some examples: 

Kryptonite NY Standard U-Lock

This U-lock scores nine out of ten for security and is bolt cutter resistant. Leverage attacks also don’t fare well against it. 

Kryptonite NY Cinch Ring Chain 1213

A chain lock, this security device features a fabric-covered chain to protect your bike’s paint. It is also rated a nine out of ten for security. This is the longest and most heavy-duty lock that you would want to use for locking up multiple ebikes.

Kryptonite Kryptolok 990 Combo Integrated Chain

The design of this lock does not require a key; it has an open/close set built into the lock itself. The lock combines elements of the heavy-duty chain from Kryptonite’s 1213 lock.

Kryptonite Kryptolok 610 S Folding Lock

This lock made from linked sections of high-strength steel folds open to a length sufficient to allow you to use it as you would a chain but folds back on itself to the size of a multi-tool. It is very convenient and easy to transport.

Kryptonite Evolution 1090 Integrated Chain

This is also a heavy-duty lock that is recommended for a single ebike. This product features an eight out of ten security rating and a disc-style cylinder lock that is resistant to both picking and drilling.

How to Lock an Electric Bike

If you can take your ebike inside with you, do so. And if you search the web for “how to lock up an ebike” or “how to secure electric bike,” you’ll see lots of common sense ideas about keeping it in plain sight and never parking in dark or deserted places. Those are all good practices.

But sometimes, you must assume the worst and hope for the best. Registering your ebike with local law enforcement is a great idea, as is ebike insurance (a relatively new thing). You may also want to hide Apple AirTags or a similar technology somewhere on your bike so that you can recover it if it’s taken.

Check out our safety supplies today for the best locks and other accessories designed for your SUPER73 ebike.

Want To Know More?

View our Lock Overview video on YouTube for detailed explanations.