Lifestyle image of a SUPER73 rider doing tricks on his S2


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A man sits on a custom Pacifico x SUPER73-S2 bike holding a case of Pacifico beer.

SUPER73 & Pacifico Collaborate on Ultimate Customized S2 Electric Bike Giveaway

Based on the success of the 2022 collaboration, the category leader in electric vehicles and top-performing beer brand are teaming up to host the ultimate giveaway allowing U.S. citizens the chance...
Young man riding a SUPER73 Indian ebike down the street

SUPER73 & Indian Motorcycle Partner to Debut eFTR Hooligan 1.2 EBike

From urban commuting to recreational riding, this new electric bicycle combines proven performance with moto-inspired styling.
Super73 C1x parked on urban rooftop

C1X Electric Motorcycle Debuts Fast Charge

SUPER73’s new wave of battery technology eclipses anything currently on the market, with the ability to fast charge from 10% to 80% in only 15 minutes giving riders about 70 miles of range.


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A man and a woman walking their SUPER73-S2 bikes with a utility vehicle in the background.

Best Ebikes for Campers

An ebike for camping is the perfect way to enjoy nature. Camping ebikes are silent and powerful, effortlessly carrying you and your gear into the wilderness.
Woman sitting on a SUPER73 ebike at the beach.

How to Look After an eBike During Heat Waves

Summer ebike rides can help you stay cool, but they can also overheat your bike. With careful planning and maintenance, you can enjoy each ride to the fullest.
Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it, your dad deserves more than a Hawaiian shirt this Father’s Day. Get him what he really needs with SUPER73’s comprehensive gift guide.



Two female SUPER73 electric bike owners ride down the street together smiling.

5 Ways to Get Your Friends to Go Electric

Need some help convincing your friends that going electric is the move? We’re giving you five helpful talking points that’ll help them see what they’re missing.
Super Squad group picture in front of the fountains at the Seattle Space Needle

Group Ride Etiquette

Community is the cornerstone of everything we do here at SUPER73, and our enthusiastic riders work hard to promote fun, inclusivity, and adventure. Here are some Group Ride do’s and don’ts that wil...
Two men sit on a lifeguard tower in holiday sweaters surrounded by two SUPER73 electric bikes and surfboards.

SoCal Winter Adventure Guide

Kickstands up Squad, we’re making the most of California’s winter season. We’ve compiled a list of places to explore on your SUPER73 to beat the holiday blues.


events calendar

The Sunrise Shack Hawaii Adventure Series and K1D demo day group ride.

SEP 16-17 | Sunrise Shack Demos and Group Rides

Join us for a thrilling day of riding in the sun on our latest ebike models. 
Super Social Hawaii

SEP 15 | Super Social Hawaii

At SUPER73, we believe in the power of community and togetherness. That’s what the Super Social is all about. Bringing the Super Squad together for a fun filled evening in beautiful Hawaii.  
New York Road Show

AUG 26-27 | New York Road Show

The Road Show continues to New York City.