Empowering Innovation: An Ebike Enthusiast Turned Entrepreneur

Empowering Innovation: An Ebike Enthusiast Turned Entrepreneur

Irv is a dedicated member of the Super Squad who’s taken his love of SUPER73 to a whole new level.
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Meet Irv

Over the years, SUPER73 has been proud to claim a squad of fun-loving ebike enthusiasts, captivated not only by the thrill of the ride but also by the potential for innovation within the community.  Meet Irv, a dedicated member of the Super Squad who’s taken his love of SUPER73 to a whole new level by creating products that enhance the riding experience for fellow SUPER lovers. 

The Journey Begins

You can feel Irv’s passion through the phone. You can practically hear him beam over the line when we call to chat with him about IrvLabs, a company he founded after falling in love with his SUPER73. 

“Originally, my wife was against me getting a SUPER, but I got one anyway. And it’s a good thing, too, because now it’s one of our favorite things to do together,” Irv says. 

It turns out those initial rides on a SUPER73 led to an obsession neither Irv nor his wife saw coming. Irv admits that he’d come up with any excuse in the book to take his SUPER73 out. Snack run? Groceries? A quick neighborhood cruise? Whatever it took to hit the road, Irv was ready to go. 

Soon, after countless trips where he resorted to awkwardly tying bags to his battery, Irv started to dream of his own solutions. 

Designing the Perfect Add-On

IrvLabs essentially started with what Irv calls “squiggly lines.”  

“I knew I wanted to create something fun, something inspired by fun. I started sketching out designs, drawing every idea out, constructing a cardboard model...my wife thought I was crazy,” 

Irv recalls going so far as to acquire his own drafting table, tediously pouring over all of his specs before eventually taking them to different manufacturers and unrolling his scrolls like “some kind of pirate,” 

“Oh, I was definitely laughed at in those early days,” Irv says happily. “But I didn’t let it stop me,”

Community Collaboration

“Something that always meant a lot to me about SUPER73 is that I was accepted into the community right away. I still have Drew’s card pinned to my office wall,” 

Once Irv's designs were realized and brought to life by the right manufacturer, he discovered that there was a whole community waiting to celebrate him and his creations. 

IrvLabs gained traction with Squad members who loved the addition of premium, customizable, and practical add-ons to their bikes. 

With such a positive reception, SUPER73 started to take notice and began to think of ways we could incorporate Irv into our business. 

From Workshop to Market

“I was always drawn to SUPER73 above other ebike brands because of the way they celebrate uniqueness. Their bikes offer just the right balance of power and aesthetics,” 

To say IrvLabs is a small company is an understatement (it’s currently manned by Irv and his wife, aka his “boss”), but it’s got huge heart. 

Irv says he had to learn to be nimble and stay positive early on. His enthusiasm and love for e-mobility are evident in the premium IrvLabs products SUPER73 is now proud to offer on our site. 

“I’m looking forward to evolving with the brand in the future. It’s all about community, and I’m grateful that SUPER73 believes in that community,” Irv says. 

Whether you’re looking for a utility tray to hold your fast food order (Irv was literally inspired by the size of a Panda Express box) or a sleek basket to hold your groceries, IrvLabs has what you need to take your ride to the next level. 

You can shop our full collection of IrvLabs accessories here.