Image of actor Rob Lowe sitting on his SUPER73-S2 ebike.

The S-Series: Celebrity-Approved Ebikes from SUPER73

The SUPER73-S2 and S Adventure models offer an A-list ride worthy of some of your favorite celebrities. See why we’re rolling out the red carpet for these iconic bikes.
Image of a female rider wearing a helmet and sitting on a SUPER73-S2 ebike on a baseball field.

Complete Guide to Electric Bike Handlebars

Discover how the right electric bike handlebars enhance your riding comfort and safety. Find the best fit for your cycling experience.
A man and a woman walking their SUPER73-S2 bikes with a utility vehicle in the background.

Best Ebikes for Campers

An ebike for camping is the perfect way to enjoy nature. Camping ebikes are silent and powerful, effortlessly carrying you and your gear into the wilderness.
Woman sitting on a SUPER73 ebike at the beach.

How to Look After an eBike During Heat Waves

Summer ebike rides can help you stay cool, but they can also overheat your bike. With careful planning and maintenance, you can enjoy each ride to the fullest.
Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it, your dad deserves more than a Hawaiian shirt this Father’s Day. Get him what he really needs with SUPER73’s comprehensive gift guide.
Gifts for Grads

Gifts for Grads

Throw those caps in the air; it’s graduation time! Get them cruising into the next chapter on a SUPER73.
Two young riders on Super73 ebikes cruising along the highway and standing on their pedals

SUPER73's New Adventure Series Lineup

Experience the ultimate adventure with SUPER73's new Adventure Series lineup of electric bikes. Learn more about the new era of ebikes in this guide.  
Riders on Super73 ebikes in front of waterfall.

Electric Eye-Candy: A Guide on the Best Looking Ebikes

Exploring the Most Attractive Designs on Electric Bikes Ebike popularity exploded for the same reason cars became popular in the early 20th century: The faster the transportation, the quicker you a...
The new SUPER73-K1D electric kid's bike stands before a wall.

The New K1D on the Block

Take an exclusive look at the all-new K1D electric kid's bike from SUPER73.
Mechanic adjusting Super73 ebike pedal

SUPER73 Electric Bike Assembly

Electric bike assembly doesn't have to be a pain. SUPER73 makes it easy to put together your dream ebike right out of the box in just 15 minutes.
Rider on Super73 RX charging down a dirt path with a helmet

The Best Electric Bike for the Outdoors

Sometimes, you can’t do it on leg power alone. You want to carve the trails, but your body may not always be on the same level as your sense of adventure. So, what’s the solution? Electricity! The ...
Chemical Guys Cleaner on Super73 ebike seat

How to Clean Your Electric Bike

Cleaning an ebike isn't challenging, but doing it right is essential. Learn what supplies are safe to use and which products are best to keep your ebike pristine.
Couple riding Super73 ebikes on a coastal bike path

Electric Bike Gift Guide for Couples

Let’s set the mood, shall we? The sun is shining, birds are chirping, George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” is inexplicably playing in the background…is it love, or is it just the feeling you get whi...
Lineup of Super73 ebikes on the beach in front of lifeguard towers.

SUPER73: The Most Comfortable Electric Bike

For long-distance cruising, you’ll want the most comfortable electric bike you can buy. Discover the top features to look for on an electric bike to ride with maximum comfort.
Girl holding helmet posing near a Super73-Z1 Jet Black ebike in low sun light

Affordable Electric Bikes and Finding Your Build

Are you interested in buying an affordable electric bike but want to guarantee you get your money’s worth? If so, this guide to the best budget ebikes from SUPER73 is just what you’ve been looking ...