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Electric Bike Battery Charging Guide And Tips

If you’re considering joining the ebike community but are wondering about the specifics of battery charging, look no further.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Battery

If you’re considering joining the ebike community but are wondering about the specifics of battery charging, look no further. Our team has compiled this handy list of ebike battery charging tips so that you can make an informed decision.

One of the most remarkable features of our bikes is that our batteries are removable. This removability makes ebike charging convenient and easy! You can charge in any standard 110V outlet. 

Charging an Electric Bike Battery: First-Time Tips

The first time you charge your ebike’s battery is a special case. You’ll need to follow different steps than you would otherwise to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. 

Since all Super73 electric bikes feature lithium-ion batteries, every bike’s first-time charging procedure is identical. Those lithium-ion cells require conditioning on their very first charge, so it’s important that you leave your battery on the charger for six to eight hours the very first time

After that, no worries. Your battery can accept partial charges with no problems after its initial, first-charge conditioning. That means, if you’re in a hurry and need to get moving, as long as you’ve taken care to follow this procedure the first time, you’re good.

How Do I Know When My Ebike Battery Is Charged?

We made it as simple as red and green. When the battery is charging, the indicator light on the charger is red, and when the battery is charged the indicator light on the charger turns green. 

How Long Do Ebike Batteries Last?

Your Super73 electric bike battery will have a long and productive life provided you look after it properly. Since your battery likes normal room temperature the same way you do, it’s best to use it and charge it at around 68° F. We recommend that you don’t use or charge it at temperatures above 100° F or below freezing.

When it comes to range, expectations vary by model. Every Super73 bike should give you about 30 miles of range (except the Super73-Z1), but the actual range depends on: 

  • How you ride

  • How much you weigh

  • How flat the terrain is

  • How fast you’re riding

If you’re using ECO Pedal Assist mode, you could extend that range to 50 or even 75 miles, depending on the model and other variables. 

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Ebike?

Costs will vary by area, but let’s put it this way: it can’t be much, and besides, riding your Super73 ebike on a beautiful day is a lot more fun and liberating than getting around in a car. Depending on the electricity market rates in your area, it could also be a lot cheaper. 

Battery Dos And Don’ts

Like any cutting-edge technology, your battery will work long and hard if you’re careful about how you use it. There are certain things you don’t want to do:

  • Don’t use a damaged battery

  • Don’t use a battery that has been submerged in liquid

  • Don’t charge a battery longer than 48 hours

  • Don’t store your battery in a fully-discharged state longer than 24 hours

  • Don’t expose your battery to extreme heat, sunlight, or electrical shock

  • Don’t ever ship your battery, as this is illegal without federally-mandated labeling

  • Don’t dispose of your battery in the trash or even in conventional recycling

Lithium-ion batteries are super high-tech, but they are also technically hazardous materials when it comes to proper disposal and shipping. It’s essential to observe all laws and regulations about how to handle them when they’re spent.

To get the most out of your Super73’s battery, definitely do:

  • Try to recharge your battery at the end of each ride for longevity

  • When not in use, keep the battery in a charged state and charge or use your battery at least every 90 days

  • To optimize your battery's shelf life, store and charge at room temperature of 65°F-75°F

  • Recycle properly with authorized providers, see our Recycling page for more information

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your Super73 ebike for years to come. 

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We also offer an array of functional and modern accessories so you can make your ebike as unique as you are! 

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