A pair of Super73 ebike riders commuting to work

The Best Electric Bike for Commuting

Electrifying your commute with an ebike can transform your experience. Which ebike is best? Here are a few tips about the features your ebike needs.
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If your idea of a good time on a bike includes cold rain, heavy traffic, and other delights, read on. You’re a commuter, and this post is dedicated to you. Commuting (usually to work) on a bike is not for the faint of heart. Even on urban streets with dedicated bike lanes, bicycle commuting has rarely been easy.

Commuters need a machine that can get them there and back again. And while you may have some ideas about what makes a great commuter bike, there may be something even better.

Electric Bikes? For Commuting?

Have you ever considered buying an electric bike for commuting? An electric bike is a compelling purchase in terms of the range extension you will enjoy. 

But there’s more capability than just an extended range with an ebike. You can carry a lot of gear without feeling its weight, enjoy hardwired lights and snug suspension, and thrill to a bike that feels much more substantial under you. 

That visceral feeling of security that comes from knowing your machine can handle anything you throw at it is reason enough to trigger a paradigm shift in the hearts of the most hardcore commuters.

Intro to Electric Bikes for Commuters

The best electric bike for commuters will be efficient, both in how it moves you and how it recharges. One of the most significant advantages of some electric bikes, such as the SUPER73 S2, is that they have removable batteries for easy charging. 

Add to that the power of disc brakes and plenty of space for your gear, and it’s a decision that almost makes itself. 

Are Electric Bikes Good for Commuting?

Using an electric bike for commuting is exactly like using an analog bike for commuting — except it’s better. 

Commuters know, for instance, that sprinting away from a light the moment it turns green is safer than trying to mix it up with traffic; it helps you to be seen. That’s a whole lot easier on an electric bike. 

With the amount of torque you have on tap, you can holeshot that light change every time. And with vastly uprated tires, you won’t be pinch-flatting or losing traction any time soon. 

What Is the Best Electric Bike for Commuting?

The best electric bike for commuters has to be versatile, comfortable, easy to use, and powerful. Enter the SUPER73 S2.


With 40+ miles of range at 20 mph (Class 2 throttle mode), the SUPER73 S2 is more than capable of getting you there and back again. And if you need to run some errands over lunch, S2 gives you 75+ miles of range in Class 1 pedal assist mode, which means you can probably go ahead and sell the car. 

The S2 features an internally geared brushless DC hub motor rated to 2000 watts of peak power, which is more than enough to move you and your laptop to work and back, even if you have to load up with some grocery shopping. 

On the creature comfort side of things, you’ll get a suspension fork and an upright riding position that makes long rides a breeze. Say goodbye to worries about headwinds now that you have electric power.

Cargo Collection Accessories Designed to Perform

Then there are the fringe benefits that come with electrifying your commute on a SUPER73 S2:

  • BDGR tires that are puncture resistant, quiet, comfortable, and efficient
  • In-frame accessory mounting points to attach MOLLE panels
  • Rear rack compatibility for simple mounting of cargo platforms and cargo crates
  • A mid-market price point

With accessories for the SUPER73 S2, it’s easy to make it your own.

Electrify Your Commute with SUPER73

Check out the SUPER73 S2 and its accessories. You can even buy yours online today with no bike shop required. This bike may just be what takes your commute to the next level, so don’t hesitate to check one out.