Two young girls sitting on Super73 ebikes and strapping helmets on

Must Have Ebike Accessories

There are certain must-have accessories every SUPER73 ebike and rider needs. Getting OEM accessories from SUPER73 guarantees fit and durability for years.

Everything You Need to be Road Ready

The best way to think about your ebike is that it’s a machine designed, engineered, and built for the purpose of moving you to and from all the places you normally need to go. It’s just like an analog bike — only it’s better because it gives you more range, higher speed, and killer efficiency. Plus, let’s be honest here, it’s an absolute blast!

But there’s more to the equation, and that’s this: your ebike is able to move more than just you. Your SUPER73 ebike is an all-around, all-purpose machine — if you dial it in for the purpose at hand. That’s where accessories like lights, racks, and MOLLE panels come in.

So what are the best ebike accessories? Like the best and deepest questions in life, that depends on who you are and what you need.



Durability Meets Functionality

Some of the most useful accessories for ebikes are SUPER73’s collection of MOLLE panels. Designed to perfectly fit in-frame or on the side, these adventure-grade racks were designed for durable MOLLE gear from the ground up. We’ve got all of your storage and utility needs covered with the ZX/Z Miami side and an in-frame MOLLE line compatible with both R-series and SUPER73-S2 models. As long as it’s MOLLE (and there are tons of options), it will fit as perfectly on these racks as they fit your SUPER73. Our MOLLE racks are constructed of high-grade aluminum. They’re precision machined, ultra-lightweight, and extremely tough. These panels are some of the best ebike accessories you can buy simply because they are so useful.


MOLLE Panel Attachments

Riding Made Easy

The MOLLE attachment system allows you to bring along just about anything. Any MOLLE system bags will fit our OEM MOLLE panels perfectly because their attachment points were made for each other. Because MOLLE’s attachment loops match up perfectly with all MOLLE-compatible gear, you have a range of options and attachment points for pouches, bags, carrying cases, multi-tools, and more. Every SUPER73 bag is MOLLE compatible and easily attached to our MOLLE panels, making them electric bike accessories you don’t want to try to live without. This gear will simplify your ebike life — believe it!


Safety Attachments

Prepare for Any Adventure

Safety-oriented ebike accessories are no joke. In fact, sometimes they’re the law. There are a lot of municipalities that require bicycles, no matter what class they are, to have lights anytime darkness looms. But besides that, it’s just a good idea to have them. It only takes a few rides through heavy traffic to drive home the point that a lot of motorists need help to be able to see cyclists. The more help you can give them, the better. And what’s better than being seen? We’d bet it’s being both seen and heard, which matters a lot when you’re sharing the road (or the path) with pedestrians, skaters, scooter kids, and pets. A bell within thumb’s reach can make life a whole lot less stressful in urban areas — plus, they’re just cool.


Other Electric Bike Accessories

You Deserve to Get Extra

There are other ways to make your ebike a perfect fit for your trip to work or school. One of the handiest is SUPER73’s phone mount by Trackform, which puts your smartphone right where you need it: on the bars. This handy device makes it simple if you need to use Google Maps or other apps to get you where you’re going. One of the best ebike accessories ideas we’ve heard is to hide an Apple AirTag in an inconspicuous location somewhere on your electric bike (and probably on larger pieces of gear, too) so you can always keep tabs on its location. SUPER73’s don’t typically grow legs and walk away from where you left them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. And while we’re on the subject of security, a heavy-duty bike lock is a must-have. Keep your bike resting where you left it with one of the many options we carry in our SUPER73 accessories store.


SUPER73 OEM Accessories

Made For It

Whether you’re considering going all MOLLE with your bags and other must-have ebike gear, or you’re just thinking about buying a lock and a bell, the best place to shop for SUPER73 accessories is in our SUPER73 accessories store. When you buy from us, you can be assured of the perfect, made-for-it fit and finish. Your gear will ride a lot more securely, last a lot longer, and look much better with our OEM accessories. Get yours today, and make your SUPER73 ebike your own custom transportation solution — not just for you, but for everything you need to take with you.