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Health Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bike

Although some have debated the benefits of ebikes, the fact is that ebikes are incredibly beneficial and not just for their riders. 

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Good for You, Good for the Planet

Although some have debated the benefits of ebikes, the fact is that ebikes are incredibly beneficial and not just for their riders.  When you consider the status quo these days — that most modern people live boring, sedentary, vicarious lives through their screens — anything that gets us outside and into the real world is a win. For many of us, the electric bike is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Benefits for Riders

If you’ve ever “commuted” as a cyclist, you know that the word serves as a pejorative for hashing it out with trucks, weather, and other hazards on the urban battleground of any given city street’s bike lanes. But it doesn’t take hardcore “commuting” experience to appreciate the benefits of ebikes. 

Is Riding an Electric Bike Good for You?

A little broadening of the perspective is in order here because we’re not just talking about how low your resting heart rate is. We’re talking about whether you have one at all. The fact is, ebike benefits include your personal safety, not just how healthy you feel or how ripped your calves are. 

One of the most significant safety advantages an ebike rider has in traffic is the ability to accelerate rapidly. At every traffic light, once it goes green, you can sprint your way into the safe zone, away from packs of motorized vehicles, instead of riding alongside them in their blind spots. 

And it won’t matter if your legs are tired. On an ebike, you’ve got power to spare. Additionally, many ebikes come with lights (and really good ones), and the is-it-safe box has been ticked.

But ebikes are good for your exercise regimen, too — you’re replacing a normally sedentary activity with an active one. Instead of sitting in your car, you’re riding a bike, and instead of breathing recycled air, you’re breathing fresh air. 

Rather than sitting in a box on wheels, you’re riding a bike. That’s almost always better (depending on how personally impervious you are to weather).

Do You Get Any Exercise Riding an Ebike?

This analysis is where the detractors usually assume they’ve won. The fact is, though, that how much exercise you get depends on how much exercise you want. Just like what you eat and how much makes a difference to your BMI, it also matters how you use your ebike. 

If you’re new to the amazing world of bicycle commuting or new to cycling in general, you may be maxed out just cruising around on full assist. And that’s totally okay—nobody’s judging.

But as you grow in confidence and ability, you should be able to crank it up to higher levels of ebike benefits as your endurance and strength increase. The beauty of an ebike is that you get to choose how much assistance you want.

What Are the Advantages of an Ebike? 

We’ve seen how ebikes benefit riders with both health and safety advantages. But are they good for the environment too?


Benefits for the Environment

It turns out that the benefits of ebikes aren’t just for us bipedal pedalers. Actually, these bikes are pretty good for just about everything on the planet.

Are Ebikes Good for the Environment?

The answer to that question can be found in at least two ways. 

One way to calculate ebike benefits for the environment is to examine how little impact they have when compared to their usual alternative for the same trip. If you normally commute solo in a car — even if it’s really efficient — an ebike has a far less environmental impact. 

But another way to look at it is to consider how many components on an ebike are completely recyclable. From the battery pack to the drivetrain and even the frame and tires, you’d have a difficult time trying to find a single part on an ebike that absolutely has to end up in a landfill instead of being recycled. 

Are Electric Bikes Sustainable?

What this means is that ebikes are definitely sustainable. One of the biggest reasons for this is that as people embrace this technology and see that it’s a great alternative to driving, a substantial reduction in car-based trips is possible. And that makes ebikes more sustainable than many other things that claim to be but aren’t.

What Are You Waiting for?

You could change a lot by making one simple but highly impactful decision. Experience the benefits of ebikes today by selecting one of SUPER73’s ebike models for yourself.