Silhouette of Super73 Ebike rider with helmet

Best Ebikes of 2022

Looking for the best electric bikes 2022 has to offer? Look no further; SUPER73’s lineup leaves the competition in the dust. 

Best Fat Tire Bike

While 2022 has been a great year for the ebike industry in general, our SUPER73-RX Mojave got a lot of attention for its innovative design and powerful fat tires. Featuring fully adjustable front and rear suspension, the RX Mojave is a stand out when it comes to electric power and performance. 

The triple clamps on this model’s fork are reminiscent of robust, downhill mountain bikes, helping riders stay prepared for any adventure. With adjustable damping, this fork allows you to get dialed in for any terrain, similar to SUPER73’S adjustable coil-over mono-shock rear swingarm.

If it’s power you’re after, this bike doesn’t disappoint. The RX Mojave is motivated by a direct current, internally geared, brushless electric motor that is fully integrated with the rear wheel’s stout, flanged hub. 

This electric powerhouse can throw down up to 1200 watts peak power. That’s more than enough to rocket you to the front of the pack, pedal-assisted or not, which is why it tops our list for best fat tire ebikes of 2022. 

Best City/Urban Bike

Calling all city explorers and urban commuters; we’ve got your dream ride in the SUPER73-S2! There simply is no better ebike for the urban environment; with a lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum frame and a hardtail design for maximum mobility, this bike was built to last. 

One of its best features is that nice, open frame, which makes an excellent mounting point for Super73’s in-frame, military-spec MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) mounts

As the mounts are fabricated from durable and lightweight aluminum, there’s no better way to take your MOLLE-compatible essentials along with you in the city, mounted right where you can see them.

Still need convincing? Most city or urban bikes suffer from excessively narrow tires; hit one pothole or take a curb wrong, and you’re going to experience the pain of learning firsthand what a pinch flat is. 

With the SUPER73-S2’s BDGR tires, there’s nothing to worry about. Each BDGR was designed to blend the best of bicycling and motorcycling technologies for superb urban performance no matter the condition. 

Best Battery

With SUPER73-S2’s industry-leading 960 watt-hour lithium-ion batteries, you can expect to run at 20 mph for an estimated 40 miles in throttle mode and up to an estimated 75 miles in ECO pedal assist mode. 

That makes it the best ebike 2022 battery by a long shot, and since it’s lithium-ion, there’s no battery “memory” to stress over: if you only have time for a partial charge, no worries.

Best Value

The SUPER73-Z1 is the best value for your money by a long shot, coming in at an astonishing $1,495. SUPER73 continues its innovative approach on the Z1 with a battery design that’s fully and cleverly integrated with the seat. 

And perhaps best of all, the Z1 is a class 2 ebike, meaning it’s fully street legal for riders as young as 16. Don’t let its size fool you; it boasts the same fat tires and robust brushless motor as the rest of the SUPER73 fleet.

Best Ebike 2022

Now that you’ve seen the breakdown, the most challenging part is picking the model that will suit you best. Each is great, but tailor your choice to the type of riding that best fits your lifestyle and you’ll have a blast all year round.