Chemical Guys Cleaner on Super73 ebike seat

How to Clean Your Electric Bike

Cleaning an ebike isn't challenging, but doing it right is essential. Learn what supplies are safe to use and which products are best to keep your ebike pristine.

If you're used to adventuring on a standard pedal-powered bicycle, you might feel pretty confident about where to start when cleaning an ebike. It's essentially a bicycle with some extra parts, right?

Not quite. Ebikes have the added wrinkle of batteries, motors, wires, and other potentially sensitive parts. But even with these additional components, the learning curve for cleaning an electric bike isn't steep. Here's everything you should know about how to clean an ebike.

How Often Should an Ebike Be Cleaned?

If you're the type of rider who loves blasting through muddy trails every day, then you'll want to clean your ebike at least once after every ride. But if your ebike is just for street riding and used sparingly, you could get away with a once-per-month cleaning.

Which Household Supplies Are Safe to Use for Cleaning an Ebike?

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have our preferred Chemical Guys cleaning agents at your disposal, there are a few household items you can scramble up that will do the trick. Putting together an ebike cleaning kit is a great idea, and while some supplies are probably in your house already, others should be set aside just for your SUPER73. You’ll need the following:

  • Light soap
  • Water
  • A sponge and/or rag
  • A dry cloth

Feel free to use dish soap and regular tap water; we aren’t getting that fancy here. For the sponge, you’ll want to avoid coarse material found in “scrubbing” sponges. Typical smooth sponges will do a great job. 

Make sure not to use harsh cleaners and chemicals like bleach or products containing ammonia. Not only can they damage the finish of your ebike, but they can also harm the electrical components. 

Which Parts of an Ebike Need Extra TLC?

Certain parts of your ebike should avoid being sprayed with high-pressure water. Avoid aggressive cleaning on the following:

  • Hub bearing, which is the center of the wheel
  • Bottom bracket, which is the part that connects the pedals through the frame
  • Headset bearing, where handlebars attach to the frame
  • Brake pads, rotor, or discs

If these parts become excessively dirty, we recommend calling your friendly neighborhood dealer or service center for professional maintenance.

Which Parts of an Ebike Can Be Cleaned?

Aside from the above, the rest of your ebike is safe to clean, including the seats, the frame, the wheels and tires, and the fork. 

When cleaning, it's important to avoid getting the cleaning solution and water in areas where they aren't supposed to go. This is why you should use a bucket for soapy water instead of spraying the water directly on the bike. The microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions also help you carefully clean your ebike. 

Cleaning your ebike is a necessary part of ownership and is one of many tasks that will keep it operating properly for many years. For the best results, you’ll want to invest in the most effective and safe cleaning products. 

Best Ebike Cleaning Products

Learning how to clean an ebike is easier when you have the right supplies.

Super73 X Chemical Guys Nonsense All-Purpose Cleaner

It's odorless, colorless, and basically invisible. This super cleaner removes the dirt and stains you gain from everyday use. Enjoy the detailed clean with no chemical smell!

Super73 X Chemical Guys Extreme Slick Streak-Free Polymer Quick Detail Spray

Here's how you get that glossy look without resorting to waxes or sealants. This spray lets you get that deep shine to pop from your paint. And you can use it on any surface, such as glass, rubber, plastic, and vinyl.

Super73 X Chemical Guys Silk Shine Protectant Dressing

This protectant dressing will help your ebike look brand-new no matter how long you've owned it. It's water-based and restores that like-new satin shine finish to all surfaces. And it's also durable and long-lasting!

Chemical Guys Premium Grade Microfiber Applicators

The best applicators for all your cleaning supplies, these microfiber applicators won't scratch your bike. They're 100% machine washable, and the plush foam pad lets you apply the perfect amount of pressure.

Chemical Guys Waffle Weave Glass and Window Microfiber Towel

These waffle weave towels use little grooves to absorb water and remaining dirt after a good washing. Want streak-free finishes after every cleaning? These soft microfiber waffle weave towels are how to achieve it.