Rider on Super73 RX charging down a dirt path with a helmet

The Best Electric Bike for the Outdoors

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Sometimes, you can’t do it on leg power alone. You want to carve the trails, but your body may not always be on the same level as your sense of adventure. So, what’s the solution? Electricity!

The best electric bike for outdoors and off-road riding can turn long-distance mountain exploring from a chore into a joy. But what exactly makes an ebike the best for outdoor adventurers like you?

Best Features For Outdoor Electric Bike Riding

What features should you look for when shopping for the best off-road electric bike for outdoor and off-road riding?

Large Tires

Fat tires offer extra cushioning for you as the rider, as they absorb more shock than your average bike tire.

Extended Battery Life

You may be away from civilization for a while, so you don’t want to run out of juice in the middle of a trail ride. Ebikes best suited for the outdoors usually come with larger, more powerful batteries that offer a wider range. 

The Ability to Carry Extra Gear

When you’re off-roading, you’ll need more gear for your adventure. Luckily, SUPER73’s ebikes come with plenty of accessories that make transporting gear a breeze. Some great options include rear racks, cargo crates, Chrome Bags, and more

Adventuring on Your Ebike with These Outdoor Activities

You may want to do more than hit the trails, like hunting or fishing. The right ebike can turn any activity into an adventure.

The Best Fishing and Hunting Ebike Features

If you’re a self-professed “Nature Freak,” an ebike can be a fantastic companion. The best hunting or fishing electric bike will let you: 

Remain Silent

No internal combustion engine means no alarming, unnatural sounds scaring away prey.

Stay Energized

With an ebike suited to outdoor activities, you can get to and from locations, carry your supplies, and cover more distance without becoming too tired.

Carry Your Gear

Tacklebox and other equipment weighing you down? SUPER73 has plenty of cargo options so that you can free up your hands for other tasks without having to set your stuff on the ground.

What Is the Best Electric Bike for the Outdoors?

The best off-road electric bike for the outdoors is one that suits your adventures. SUPER73 makes a range of amazing electric bikes, but there’s one particular model that’s built for any adventure.

The Super73-RX Mojave

The SUPER73-RX Mojave features an iconic drive system, four-piston brakes, and dual suspension. That rear coilover mono-shock and inverted coil spring front fork will come in handy when the trails get tough. Additionally, they’re adjustable for preload, compression, and rebound. 

Other features include:

  • A range of 40 to 75 miles
  • 1200W peak motor
  • Multiple modes, including Class 1/2/3/off-road
  • 28+ mph top speed

We also fit the RX Mojave with GRZLY all-terrain tires for max grip on any terrain.

Craft the Ultimate Off-Road Ebike with SUPER73

The SUPER73-RX Mojave is already an unreal off-road ebike, but you can make it even better with the right accessories. You can personalize your bike with black, blue, or red colored pedals, a rear rack for extra carrying capacity, and a modular cargo crate with net to hold all your gear. 

With the right ebike and accessories, you’ll be ready for the most rugged adventures. Check out the SUPER73-RX Mojave today!