Couple riding Super73 ebikes on a coastal bike path

Electric Bike Gift Guide for Couples

Let’s set the mood, shall we? The sun is shining, birds are chirping, George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” is inexplicably playing in the background…is it love, or is it just the feeling you get while riding a SUPER73?

Our handy guide for couples will give you some pointers on how to find the right electric bikes for you and your partner in crime. Whether you’re cruising to a romantic dinner or showing off your riding skills on the more challenging trails, your dates just became a whole lot better. 

The Perfect Match 

You’re in love; prove it by getting matching SUPER73s. You might be two adrenaline seekers best suited for a couple of SUPER73-RX Mojaves or a more mellow pair who enjoy casual afternoon rides on our  SUPER73-Z Miami. No matter your style, we’ve got what you need for one unforgettable experience. 

SUPER73-RX Mojave

The Mojave is the best choice if you two prefer tackling rough mountain terrain over a ride down the street. You’ll get GRZLY fat tires with a tenacious grip and dual suspension to soak up all major impact. 

Show off what an adventurous duo you are as you glide down the trail riding side-by-side. The Mojave even comes with a horn you can honk to let people know that the world’s coolest couple is passing by on the left. 

SUPER73-Z Miami

If paved roads are more your thing, then you’ll love the Z Miami almost as much as you love each other. It’s a compact frame ebike equipped with the same powerful 750w motor as SUPER73’s other offerings, complete with fat tires and a large, comfy banana seat that gives it fantastic ride quality. 

The SUPER73-Z Miami is the perfect bike to show people that you’re Cupid’s latest victims. 

Picnic in the Park

Picnics are almost sickeningly cute but highly encouraged when you’re in love. Consider each getting a SUPER73-S2 to take you on all of your outdoor dates. They’re the perfect cruising ebikes with 40 to 75 miles of range, meaning you’ll easily get to that gorgeous meadow in no time flat. You’ll also be able to make the trip a relaxing one thanks to the S2’s upright seating position that emphasizes comfortable riding. 

Before you forget, you’ll need the Modular Cargo Crate with Net to transport your picnic essentials! These cargo crates mount to any R Series or S2 ebike, but if you need even more storage space, a Chrome Doubletrack Handlebar Sling or Chrome Kadet Sling Bag will let you pack even more goodies along for the ride. 

Matching Helmets

Let’s up the ante here; are you really in love if you don’t have matching helmets? 

With Chapter MIPS Helmets by Thousand, you can get a pair in Race Black or Club Navy, both with 30-lumen magnetic tail lights and simple, one-handed magnetic fasteners.

Perfect Gift for the Coffee Lover and Ebike Enthusiast

With our ultimate entry in our electric bike guide for couples, your coffee will never be more than a slight reach away. Let us introduce you to the SUPER73 Cup Holder. Though you may score brownie points for handing your date your personal cup while riding, you risk losing your balance, so get them their own cup holder.

Adventure Together, Always

Couples that ride together stay together, and there’s no better way to cement a relationship than going on electric adventures together. 

If you’re ready to ride off into the sunset together, check out the incredible range of ebikes available today and find the pair of SUPER73 ebikes that were meant to be.