Lineup of Super73 ebikes on the beach in front of lifeguard towers.

SUPER73: The Most Comfortable Electric Bike

For long-distance cruising, you’ll want the most comfortable electric bike you can buy. Discover the top features to look for on an electric bike to ride with maximum comfort.

When riding the modern electric bike, a rugged mountain trail should be just as comfortable as a paved street. Thanks to features like fat tires and robust suspension, you don’t have to choose between the durability of all-terrain and the comfort of a plush ride.

So whether you want to splash through the mud on a mountain trail or cruise down Main Street with the wind in your hair, there’s an electric bike to keep you comfortable on any adventure.

The Need for Comfort

Previous generations of electric bikes had to compromise between comfort and function. But modern technology has paved the way for powerful ebikes that can handle even the roughest terrain while still delivering a comfortable experience. Here’s what goes into making your ride a smooth experience:

Seating Position

If you’re used to road bikes, you’ve probably grown accustomed to assuming a hunched-over position that maximizes aerodynamics. For long-distance cruising, though, it’s not the most ergonomic position. Comfy, cruise-friendly ebikes use an upright seating position that emphasizes the rider’s well-being.


Most ebikes have large tires, but the most comfortable ebikes have massive, tall-sidewall tires with plenty of give, capable of soaking up bumps and offering excellent ride quality. Fat tires make it possible for ebikes to navigate varying terrains while also cushioning the riding experience.


The seat may not be the only factor in determining overall comfort, but it’s certainly essential. We recommend springing for a bike with a wide cushion that’s soft yet supportive. Consider a banana-style seat for the best comfort, padding, and a greater seating area. Since you’ll be sitting on it over hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, the seat needs to feel right.


When it comes to suspension, you’ll typically have three options: no suspension, front suspension only (hardtail), and full suspension (front and rear). Here’s where it comes down to preference. A hardtail frame can be lighter and require less maintenance due to the lack of shock servicing needs. Full suspension will absorb maximum shock, which is better for off-roading and taking on even the nastiest bumps. However, some ebikes don’t come with any suspension and are entirely rigid, relying on the seats and tires to provide cushion.


Having plenty of power makes a difference in comfort, as the bigger the battery and motor, the less you’ll have to pedal. 

What Is the Most Comfortable Electric Bike?

When you’re ready to get out on the road and explore the world on your very own ebike, you’ll have a couple of excellent choices courtesy of SUPER73. 

SUPER73-Z Miami: Comfort on a Budget

For less than $2,000, you can get an incredible, compact ebike that’s perfect for adventures and exploration. It’s powerful, light, and, most important of all, super comfortable! 

With its wide, plush, banana-style seat and upright position, riders won’t feel exhausted from long rides with the Z Miami. Its tires are designed for efficient rolling too, striking a balance between ride comfort and wear resistance.

Z Miami Features:

  • Light and compact frame
  • Convenient, removable battery
  • IOS and Android Bluetooth connectivity for a smart display
  • Ergonomics designed for riders between 4.5’ and 6’ tall
  • 750w motor
  • 30-50 miles of range
  • 615W/H battery

SUPER73-S2: Comfort for the Adventurer

Let’s say you want to head away from the usual paved areas now and again and explore the more rugged areas of your city. You’ll want an ebike that’s a bit beefier and more tenacious, and that’s when you step up to the SUPER73-S2

The S2 isn’t just larger than the Z Miami; it adds some essential features that make it more suited to riders who want to bulk up their urban exploration. 

Don’t worry, though, as the S2 still has a comfortable upright seating position and cushy seats. Even though it features more aggressive BDGR tires with larger treads, they’re definitely well-suited for the flat terrain of a city and offer plenty of bump absorption. The S2 also retains SUPER73’s convenient iOS/Android Bluetooth connectivity, removable battery, and 750w motor.

S2 Features:

  • Suspension front fork
  • LED head and tail lights
  • 40-75 miles of range
  • 960W/H battery

Get Superior Comfort From SUPER73 

No matter where you want to ride, a SUPER73 ebike will get you there with comfort to spare. If you’re ready to experience why our electric bikes are the superior choice, contact us to take one of our models for a spin and become a believer.