Image of a female rider wearing a helmet and sitting on a SUPER73-S2 ebike on a baseball field.

Complete Guide to Electric Bike Handlebars

Discover how the right electric bike handlebars enhance your riding comfort and safety. Find the best fit for your cycling experience.
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Everything You Need To Know About Ebike Handlebars

If you plan on riding for more than ten miles every day, ebike handlebars are one of the most important things to pay attention to, and swapping them out is easier than you might think; it’s also a great way to accommodate different riding styles.

As you explore the wonderful world of handlebars, remember that the best ones make the bike more ergonomic and safer to operate. Additionally, you may want to keep several types on hand, not just for when you want to ride on different terrain but if you have other shorter or taller riders who intend to use the bike.

Types of Ebike Handlebars

Typically, there are three types of handlebars riders can choose from, which are as follows:

1. Drop Handlebars

These handlebars curve down and out, allowing riders to lean over for the most aerodynamic riding position possible. Unless all-out speed and distance are your goals, you’ll probably never use them.

Pros: Best position for speed, and better aerodynamics means longer battery range.

Cons: Lower maneuverability than other types of handlebars, and the seating position can be uncomfortable for those not used to it.

2. Flat Handlebars

Flat handlebars split the difference between low-slung, aero-drop handlebars, and more upright riser handlebars. Their seating position is comfortable and allows for hunkered-down riding when necessary.

Pros: Excellent compromise between drop and riser handlebars, allowing for aerodynamic and upright riding positions.

Cons: Still too low for riders who need to reduce back and wrist strain and less aerodynamic than drop handlebars.

3. Riser Handlebars

For ebike owners who want to sit upright, whether because of a bad back or to reduce wrist strain, riser ebike handlebars are the best solution. 

Pros: Upright riding position helps with back or wrist issues while providing an excellent balance of control and comfort.

Cons: Not suited for rough terrain.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ebike Handlebars

You’ll need to consider the following to make sure you select the right handlebars:


Your handlebars will determine how upright you’ll sit and how far you’ll have to reach. People with longer arms may be able to sit up more while using flat handlebars, but others may have to angle their handlebars depending on what’s most comfortable. 

Riding Style

If you’re sticking entirely to well-maintained pavement, you can ride all day with riser handlebars, but if you need to do some pedal standing while dominating trails, you’ll want flat bars to ensure the proper angle to tackle hills and bumps.

Material and Build

Chromoly is strong and lightweight but less than aluminum. On the other hand, though, aluminum isn’t as hardy. Carbon fiber bars are incredibly light, strong, and durable but far more expensive than the previous two options.


Consider the sweep (the angle at which the bars bend up or down) and the rise (how tall your handlebars are). You should also check stem adjustment to see how high or low you can mount the handlebars. 


Remember, your new ebike handlebars have to be able to bolt to the fork and accommodate your brakes, grips, throttle, and any other accessories that you may have.

Safety Tips and Maintenance

Check your handlebars for damage or wear and tear, such as cracks, corrosion, or deformation. Loose handlebars can cause riders to wreck, so re-tighten any loose bolts, keep the handlebars clean to fight rust, and lubricate all moving parts. Also, make sure to replace worn components such as bar tape or cracked grips.

Finally, proper setup of handlebars gives riders control, so if you’re not comfortable with how you’re holding the handlebars, you may not be ready to steer out of a sticky situation.

The Best Ebike Handlebars

SUPER73’s Cyrus and Dynamo handlebars are perfect for ebike riders who want the wind-cheating leaned-over ride of flat bars and the leisurely, comfortable ride of risers. The Cyrus upright bars are an ergonomic, laidback choice, while the Dynamo bars are for the racers out there.

No matter which handlebars you choose, SUPER73 stands by its products. We’re happy to have you stop by our showroom so you can experience bikes with these bars in person to make an informed choice.