Image of actor Rob Lowe sitting on his SUPER73-S2 ebike.

The S-Series: Celebrity-Approved Ebikes from SUPER73

The SUPER73-S2 and S Adventure models offer an A-list ride worthy of some of your favorite celebrities. See why we’re rolling out the red carpet for these iconic bikes.
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SUPER73 Electric Bikes Endorsed by Celebrities - The S-Series

The electric bike revolution is transforming modern transportation, and SUPER73 is on the front lines, surging in popularity with younger riders. Maybe it’s their unique motorcycle-inspired styling or the fantastic ride quality and ergonomics they offer. It could even be their go-anywhere, through-anything attitude bolstered by adventurous, farther-than-you-thought range and power. 

Whatever the case, the brand is everywhere, even on the silver screen! A SUPER73 ebike recently made its big debut in the summer blockbuster Barbie. 

You’ve probably also seen some of your favorite A-listers whizzing around on SUPER73s; read on to find out why these bikes are worth rolling out the red carpet. 

The S-Series — Unveiling Excellence

The SUPER73 S-Series offers an incredible mix of features and styles that appeal to both adventurous and stylish riders, but before breaking down the specific details of the individual S-series bikes, let’s first go over the bikes’ main features.

THE SUPER73 S-Series 

These features include the following:

  • 40-75 miles of range
  • 750W motor
  • 20mph Class 1/2 speed on-road, 28mph Class 3 speed off-road
  • 8-speed derailleur (on the SUPER73-S Adventure Series)
  • iOS and Android Bluetooth connectable Smart Display
  • Removable battery
  • Light yet strong aluminum frame
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Adjustable air-spring front fork

Breaking down the features further, let’s look at the two main bikes in the S-series, the SUPER73-S2 and the SUPER73-S Adventure.

The SUPER73-S2

For urban cruising, it doesn’t get much better than the SUPER73-S2. Its large BDGR tires, paired with an air-spring front fork, provide excellent traction while soaking up bumps, and its 2Up seat is comfy and plush. Its battery sits where you’d find it on an old-school motorcycle, and it even rocks the shape of a gas tank! 

The SUPER73-S Adventure

If you want to hop off the pavement and onto the trail, the SUPER73-S Adventure is your ebike. It shares much of its design with the well-established SUPER73-S2 but makes things more off-road friendly with super-knobby GRZLY tires. 

The SUPER73-S Adventure also lowers the battery, accommodating a better center of gravity for trail maneuverability. Since it’s the S-series ebike most likely to hit rough terrain, it gets an extended seat with excellent padding.

Celebrity Riders — Who's Loving the S-Series?

In nearly every review, from Electric Cycle Rider to Cycle Volta to Electric Bike Journal, SUPER73’s S-series ebikes have received rave reviews for both appearance and power. The brand has spread its bikes far and wide, growing from a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016 to one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Branding in 2022.

One significant mark of success for any lifestyle product is celebrity “approval,” and SUPER73 has undoubtedly made it in that regard! 

Take, for instance, Britney Spears, who has a net worth of about $60 million and loves cruising around on her SUPER73 ebike:


Photo of Britney Spears on her SUPER73 ebike.


Sofia Richie, who you’ll recognize from just about every fashion ad from the past few years and as the daughter of the legendary Lionel Richie, was shown in People magazine riding her bike:


Photo of Sophia Richie riding her SUPER73-S1 ebike on the beach.


Chris Hemsworth certainly approves:


Photo of Chris Hemsworth on his SUPER73-S2 ebike.


Adam Scott is a Super Squad member:


Photo of Adam Scott with his son on a SUPER73-S1 ebike.


Zach Braff is here, too:


Photo of Zach Braff on his SUPER73-S2 ebike holding a puppy.


SUPER73 has even worked its way up to the one and only Snoop Dogg:


Photo of Snoop Dogg on his custom SUPER73-S1 ebike.


But celebrities aren’t just rocking their SUPER73s off screen…

The S-Series in the Barbie Movie

Despite Ken’s need for Barbie’s validation, he’s got great taste, as evidenced by his choice of electric bike:


Image of Ncuti Gatwa as Ken in Barbie next to his SUPER73-S2 ebike.


A SUPER73 S-series sits proudly on the balcony of Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House! 


Image of Greta Gerwig and Ryan Gosling on the Barbie set with a SUPER73-S2 ebike in the background.


See if you can spot the SUPER73 in this behind the scenes shot of Greta Gerwig and Ryan Gosling. 

Why Celebrities Choose the S-Series

By now, it’s clear that celebrities more than enjoy their SUPER73 bikes, but what about these bikes draw attention from the likes of Lena Headey, Justin Bieber, Jack Black, and Kelly Slater? 

  1. They’re Environmentally Friendly

Most stars are progressive, eco-conscious folks who want to minimize their carbon footprint, and with an electric bike, they can cruise with zero emissions.

  1. They’re Silent

Celebrities don’t necessarily want to draw vast amounts of attention in public, and with SUPER73 bikes, they get silent but powerful operation.

  1. They’re Stylish

Celebrities may not necessarily want to get mobbed in public, but they certainly want to look photogenic when fans approach them, and SUPER73 provides the showstopping appeal needed to navigate Hollywood. 

It’s not exactly a mystery that celebrities gravitate toward long-range, powerful, fast, and sophisticated ebikes. SUPER73 bikes are highly customizable, allowing owners to personalize them to their heart’s content.

Availability and How to Get Your Own S-Series

Join the ranks of the rich and famous and get your own SUPER73-S2 or SUPER73-S Adventure! Here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Order Online

You can order an S-series SUPER73 bike online and have it shipped to your house. It only requires minor assembly and will be ready to ride in minutes.

  1. Buy From an Authorized SUPER73 Dealer

If you want a SUPER73 ebike that’s fully assembled and ready to go, visit a dealer and kick off your adventure as quickly as possible. Just make sure you read up on all the details about the SUPER73 S-series bikes! 

Celebrity-approved and loved worldwide, the S-series is a ride with serious star power.