A man and a woman walking their SUPER73-S2 bikes with a utility vehicle in the background.

Best Ebikes for Campers

An ebike for camping is the perfect way to enjoy nature. Camping ebikes are silent and powerful, effortlessly carrying you and your gear into the wilderness.

Guide to Electric Bikes for Camping

We can’t claim to know you, but we’re willing to bet that you’re an outdoorsy person. You opted for an environmentally-friendly cruiser by purchasing your SUPER73 ebike, not to mention an optimal way to cruise through nature or hit the trails. 

If our hunch is correct, and nature is your thing, you might wonder whether an electric bike for camping exists. The short answer is absolutely(!), but not every ebike can double as a camping ebike. 

We’ve laid out some key factors to consider when purchasing an electric bike intended specifically for camping:

1. Range

Carrying lots of gear, such as a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking tools, requires a camping ebike with plenty of range. Most can cover 50 miles, but an ebike with up to 75 miles of range would be preferable if you’re heading up into deep woods. 

2. Pedal

Find yourself an ebike with pedal assist and throttle operation. The former extends battery range, and the latter can power you out of tight spots.

3. Battery Size and Life

Ebike batteries are generally between 36V and 48V. While 48V batteries are bigger and heavier, they provide more power and range over a longer period of time.

4. Motor

Powerful motors will make carrying extra weight and traversing rough grounds much easier. While motors start as small as 250W, look for a larger one, such as a 750W version, to take on your camping journey.

5. Storage

Any ebike for camping should have plenty of cargo options and sturdy mounts for additional storage. Cargo crates, sling bags, additional oversized racks, and MOLLE panels let you load your bike without having to carry heavy backpacks.

6. Weight Limits

Powerful motors and large batteries typically mean heavier weights, so make sure you check the weight limits when shopping for an ebike. Yours should be able to handle over 300 pounds.

7. Tires

While fat tires are wonderful for softening an ebike ride over pavement and sand, knobby mountain bike tires will grip better and be less likely to puncture if you’re camping in the woods. 

How to Charge an Ebike while Camping

Lack of electricity is why many people are wary of using an ebike for camping, but there are solutions. The first is to bring spare batteries. They may be heavy, but you’ll effectively double or triple your range. 

If you’re camping at an RV site, you may have power hookups anyway, but if you know you won’t have access to an outlet on your journey, it’s best to bring a solar charger and let the sun do the work for you. 

Plan for Bike Routes

Most campgrounds and parks allow ebikes, but you’ll need to check with your chosen location to ensure you comply with local laws. In most cases, wherever you can ride a regular bike, you can ride an ebike, so research bike routes ahead of time or keep an eye out for them during your trip.

Even with extra batteries and a solar charger, you still need to consider your riding distance. Make sure you keep track of your mileage so you don’t end up pedaling back to your campsite. Check the weather, too, as extreme temperatures can greatly affect battery range and reliability, and heavy rain can force water into sensitive electronics and bearings.

Advantages of Using an Ebike While Camping

If you’re using an ebike for camping instead of a car, you can lower your carbon footprint and access trails where cars aren’t allowed. Suppose you’re using an ebike as an alternative to a regular bicycle. In that case, it’s far smoother and more comfortable, allowing you to carry lots of gear without getting fatigued.

Best Ebike for Camping

The superior camping ebike choice is one from the SUPER73 S Adventure Series. Its McFly handlebar, extended seat, and knobbly GRZLY tires will make it perfect for long-distance cruising over any terrain, and its removable 48V battery and 750W motor can easily power you past obstacles.

As for storage and weight, S Adventure ebikes can carry up to 325 pounds, and they have numerous mounts for rear racks, cargo platforms, and MOLLE panels. Thanks to their rugged front suspension and burly hydraulic brakes, bumpy trails and steep inclines are no problem, even when the bike is fully loaded with supplies. 

Ebike Accessories for Camping

Even though the SUPER73 S Adventure ebikes come with built-in LED headlights, you’ll want to check out Knog’s Plug Front headlight for the ultimate in night-riding illumination, It puts out a massive 600 lumens of light for max visibility, mounts with straps, meaning no tools are needed, and it can recharge via USB.

SUPER73 Ebikes: The Ultimate Camping Accessory

If you’re trying to enjoy nature to the fullest, it’s time to head to a SUPER73 dealer near you and fall in love with an S Adventure Series ebike for camping.