Riders on Super73 ebikes in front of waterfall.

Electric Eye-Candy: A Guide on the Best Looking Ebikes

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Exploring the Most Attractive Designs on Electric Bikes

Ebike popularity exploded for the same reason cars became popular in the early 20th century: The faster the transportation, the quicker you are to your destination. Rather than hopping into a covered wagon and hoping you reach the next town over by month’s end, you can take your ebike out of the garage and be there by lunchtime. 

Even regular old pedal-powered bikes can’t compare to the range and speed of electric bikes. Unless you’re a serious cyclist, riding for 75 miles is a daunting challenge, but on an ebike, it’s no sweat. Still, it’s not just the power that makes electric bikes so desirable. It’s also how they look. It’s simple; when we see something cool, we want it. 

Factors that Make an Electric Bike Visually Appealing

The appearance of an ebike often suggests its function. Big knobby tires, dual suspension, and an expert finish means the ebike you’re considering is ready to tackle some trails! A lighter frame and smaller proportions might suggest that that particular kind of ebike can sit in the corner of the cafe while you grab a morning cappuccino. People look for ebikes that fit their lifestyle, so when they find one that vibes with their habits and activities, they’ll gravitate toward it. 

We can’t forget about color, though. In addition to rugged or sleek designs, moto-inspired or modern frames, colors are another means of adding personality to your ride. Rugged off-roaders like SUPER73’s R-Series typically come in browns, greens, and other earth tones. On the other hand, ebikes meant for commuting or touring the town may have brighter colors, such as the fun-loving Z-Series. 

Another way electric bikes grab attention is with innovative add-on features that make every trek a piece of cake. These can include things like phone mounts, lights, integrated storage areas, and even handlebars.

Moto-Inspired Design: SUPER73 S2

You won’t confuse the SUPER73-S2 for some regular bicycle with a tacked-on motor; it’s way cooler than that. Here’s what you’ll notice when you walk up to one:

  • A slick, distinct, motorcycle gas tank-shaped battery
  • An integrated round headlight
  • Fenders
  • Huge BDGR tires

It’s not just the bike’s looks that make the S2 awesome. It’s how they move you, too. Consider the specs of the S2:

  • 40-75 miles of range
  • Top speeds of up to 28 mph
  • An adjustable front suspension fork that soaks up bumps
  • Functionality with Apple and Android phones for navigation and battery range

If you want to travel far and travel fast but don’t want to have to get a motorcycle license, the S2 is the best of both worlds. As for that empty area in the frame where an engine would be in a motorbike, you can put in MOLLE panels for mounting accessories! 

Rugged Adventure: SUPER73 RX Mojave

The SUPER73 S2 is for urban adventurers, as the SUPER73-RX Mojave is for off-road adventurers. If you want the best-looking electric bike on the trail, here it is, no question about it. 

The SUPER73-RX Mojave has aggressive old-school dirt bike features that set you apart from the crowd. 

  • Massive, heavy-duty dual suspension
  • GRZLY All-Terrain Tires that grip like a gecko on fresh tar
  • 4-piston brakes that provide an instant stop
  • A durable matte finish that shrugs off mud and debris

The RX Mojave is powered by the same 750W motor for up to 75 miles of range and a top speed of about 28 mph. Its low-rise Blain handlebars provide perfect control as you blast over bumps and boast a design that pulls inspiration from classic moto culture. Frankly, if you strapped an engine in the frame, people would assume it was a motorcycle.

Ride in Style with SUPER73

The best-looking ebikes are those that complement your image, your passions, and your lifestyle, and no two ebikes could be better than the SUPER73 S2 and RX Mojave. You’ll get motorcycle styling, incredible range and speed, and unparalleled capability.