Two young riders on Super73 ebikes cruising along the highway and standing on their pedals

SUPER73's New Adventure Series Lineup

Experience the ultimate adventure with SUPER73's new Adventure Series lineup of electric bikes. Learn more about the new era of ebikes in this guide.


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A Closer Look at SUPER73's New Adventure Series Lineup

A New Era of Ebikes

You might be thinking that SUPER73’s electric bikes are already built for adventure, and you’d be correct; we do make rugged, dependable bikes designed for the most adverse conditions, but there’s always room for improvement. 

We’ve looked closely at what customers have said about our bikes and used that valuable feedback to identify the key areas we wanted to address in our 2023 models. The changes were significant enough that it quickly became clear that an entirely new series was in order: The Adventure Series.

Meet the Adventure Series

You’ve wanted a line of electric bikes that could handle all the intense and punishing trail rides you could throw at them, and now they’re here! Before we break down the specifics of each new bike, though, we’d like to provide a brief overview of the changes we’ve made and why:

Standard GRZLY Tires

We knew the Adventure Series wasn’t going to be used for pavement-based commutes, so we were more than inclined to provide all the traction a rider could want.

Standard Front Suspension

We anticipated that riders of our Adventure Series would experience trails a bit more rugged than average, so we outfitted all of our new models with front suspension that could take on a bit of impact.

Relocated Battery

While the battery for the Z-Adventure model remains in its usual place, the R and S Adventure models situate the battery lower on the frame for a lower center of gravity.

Grippier Vinyl Seats

No slipping off on gnarly trails for you! We extended the seats on both the R and S Adventure series so that riders would be able to find the perfect position.

Eight-Speed Cassettes

Getting the right amount of torque with the proper wheel speed is essential when you’re in deep mud, blasting up a hill, or just looking for a smooth ride. SUPER73 eight-speed cassette assures you can find the right gear for the right moment.

McFly Handlebar

For superior ergonomics and control, we’ve fitted the majority of the Adventure Series with our McFly Handlebar. The only exception is the Snowshadow SE, with its low-profile Blain Handlebar.

New Colors

Each Adventure Series bike is available in one of four new colors: The special-edition Corsetti and Snowshadow, alongside Sandstorm and Panthro Blue.

SUPER73-R Adventure Series

With all the significant changes out of the way, let’s get into the new models themselves!

First up is the electric bike series of choice for road and off-road warriors alike: The SUPER73-R Adventure Series. These bikes have adjustable, full-suspension fronts and rears to keep your spine intact as you blast through sand dunes, fallen-log-infested forests, and extra-rocky trails. 

You can charge any R Adventure Series electric bike through any standard 110V wall outlet. The R Adventure-Series comes with a built-in headlight, taillight, and horn to let other riders know of your presence. With that said, most standard R-Series accessories still fit (with the exception of the longboard surf rack), such as the optional rear rack or 1UP USA carrying rack (with the Fat Tire Spacer). 

Some more specifications and features to note with the R Adventure series include the following:

  • Classes: 1/2/3/Off-Road (Class 2 Default)
  • Class 1: 20mph, pedal assist only
  • Class 2: 20mph, pedal assist, and throttle
  • Class 3: 28+ mph, pedal assist only
  • Range: 40-75 Miles
  • iOS/Android Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Smart Display with Navigation

The battery charges in only six-to-seven hours, though given that it is detachable, you could get a spare to always have one charged and waiting!

SUPER73-S Adventure Series

The S2 is the electric bike that put SUPER73 at the forefront of the scrambler-style ebike scene and set the pattern for all off-road electric bikes going forward. Now, in Adventure Series form, the S2 is more prepared than ever to get off the paved path, and just like its R Adventure Series counterpart, it has a long, grippy seat, lowered battery, eight-speed cassette, GRZLY tires, a tall McFly handlebar, and a horn to top it off! 

Longtime S-Series fans know that even without rear suspension, S2s are formidable off-roaders. Still, even street riders will appreciate the improved balance and handling characteristics of the S Adventure model’s lower battery mount. Standard accessories still fit just fine, too, with the exception of the longboard surf rack. 

Specifications and features are as follows:

  • Classes: 1/2/3/Off-Road (Class 2 Default)
  • Class 1: 20mph, pedal assist only
  • Class 2: 20mph, pedal assist, and throttle
  • Class 3: 28+ mph, pedal assist only
  • Range: 40-75 Miles
  • iOS/Android Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Smart Display with Navigation

With the SUPER73 app, you can get over-the-air updates automatically, which means you won’t have to take care of firmware updates manually anymore!

SUPER73-Z Adventure Series

Our Z series is what you get when you need a lower-cost, more “basic-commuter” electric bike but still want the quality, strength, and dependability that come with the SUPER73 name. 

While the Z Adventure doesn’t get the relocated battery or the extended seat, it boasts all the other changes that make the Adventure Series ideal for tearing through rough terrain. It has impressive upgrades over other Z models, including front suspension, hydraulic brakes, a front fender, a headlight, a taillight, and a horn.

The Z Adventure’s specifications and features consist of the following:

  • Classes: 1/2/3/Off-Road (Class 2 Default)
  • Class 1: 20mph, pedal assist only
  • Class 2: 20mph, pedal assist, and throttle
  • Class 3: 28+ mph, pedal assist only
  • Range: 30-55 Miles
  • iOS/Android Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Smart Display with Navigation

Aside from using a smaller battery than the R and S models (615W/H vs. 960W/H), the Z Adventure does more to narrow the gap with its more expensive stablemates than any previous Z model!

Accessories and Customization

If you’re going for the Adventure Series electric bikes, you’re most likely looking for a thrill. However, in preparing for the wild exploration you’ll no doubt be enjoying, you need to be appropriately accessorized, and any of the following pieces of kit could improve your journey:

Rear Racks

Our low-profile lightweight racks can carry up to ten pounds of cargo on an S-Series,  R-Series, or Z-Series bike. (Each model uses a different rack mount, so make sure you get the right one for your bike.) 

The racks securely mount to the bike’s frame with multiple attachment points, and when you’d rather carry people than cargo, our racks are still super handy thanks to their integrated passenger handholds.

Reversible Cargo Platform

When you have to max out your carrying capacity, just attach our reversible cargo platform to your existing rear rack. There are multiple tie-down points and strap slots for holding large or oddly-shaped loads. 

Side Racks

Side racks are available for both the S-Series and R-Series. SUPER73 side racks are ready for duty, are MOLLE-compatible, and mount right to the frame for maximum strength. 

Surfboard Racks

SUPER73 offers fully adjustable mounts for shortboards that fit all SUPER73 Adventure Series bikes.

Smartphone Mount

Maybe you want to record or stream your adventures, maybe you want to play music through some earbuds, or you just like taking video calls on rides. Whatever the case, the 20 MAXX Phone Mount will securely hold your smartphone in place, even over ridiculously bumpy terrain. 

Feed Bag

You have to be well-fed out on the trails, and the SUPER73 x Chrome Doubletrack Feed Bag is perfect for keeping snacks at arm’s reach. Attach it to your handlebars or loop it through your belt. It’s perfect for holding your water bottle or phone, too.

Start Your Adventure

Take on any trail, anywhere, with SUPER73’s new Adventure Series. Standard GRZLY tires, eight-speed cassettes, grippy vinyl seats, repositioned batteries on R and S models, and overall ruggedness guarantee they’re ready to take you where you never thought possible. 

Instead of piecing together the rough-terrain ebike you’ve been dreaming of and spending way more than you should as you cobble together all the features you want, we’ve done the hard work for you. The Adventure Series exists to bring together all the necessary ingredients for the ultimate off-road electric bike, saving you time and money. 

You wanted versatility and performance, and SUPER73 listened. Check out the SUPER73 Adventure Series and start exploring your world today.