The new SUPER73-K1D electric kid's bike stands before a wall.

The New K1D on the Block

Take an exclusive look at the all-new K1D electric kid's bike from SUPER73.

Child’s Play

When you hear the words “kid’s bike,” your brain is probably conjuring up images of plastic Fisher’s Price trikes or pastel pink atrocities bedecked with handlebar tassels, a product of a corporate think tank. But what SUPER73’s engineers know to be true is that kids want to ride something that makes them look and feel as cool as the grown-ups they look up to. With innovative new technology, unbridled imagination, and a lot of grit, we’ve come up with the perfect solution. 

Meet the New K1D 

Last year, we decided to throw ourselves into the sandbox to create an electric kid’s bike that would outperform the competition, a bike driven by the childlike imagination that courses through our halls and workstations. The SUPER73-K1D was introduced alongside our C1X as a part of our new generation of electric vehicles. SUPER73’s dedicated team of engineers (mad scientists) invested their time and energy into listening to customer feedback and making those wants and needs an exciting reality, culminating in the perfect bike for kids 4-8 years old. Now, the SUPER73 experience is a generational one, where parents and their mini-mes can participate in adventure simultaneously. 

What Makes this K1D so Special?

With truly cutting-edge drivetrain technology, experiential design, and a holistic approach to what your child will stand to gain from riding an electric vehicle, we went the extra mile to bring an all-new SUPER73 experience to each generation. So let’s talk tech for a moment.

Ushering in a new era of innovation for SUPER73 as a whole, the K1D may be a small bike, but it’s making big waves in the industry. Not only does it take center stage when it comes to design (check out that slick aluminum frame in Prickly Pink, Obsidian, Blu Tang, and Sriracha Red), it’s the frontrunner in the evolution of electric, two-wheel technology and defines the future of SUPER73’s tech-lead innovation. 

Regenerative Braking and Throttle Control

Okay, we know the term “regenerative braking” sounds intense, but put simply, regen technology is all about harnessing energy that already exists in your electric bike and making it work for you. 

For example, regenerative braking uses some of the power (kinetic energy) that would otherwise turn into heat in other vehicles and instead converts that energy into electricity. This means that the electric current coming from your bike’s braking will actually charge the battery. Have your cake and eat it too!

Regenerative braking is a technique used in some electric vehicles to convert the moving vehicle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy, which it then stores in the battery. The process works by using the electric motor in reverse, so instead of using electricity to move the vehicle forward, the electric motor generates electricity while it’s in motion and slows it down.

During regenerative braking, the electric motor acts as a generator, converting the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then stored in the battery, which can be used later to power the vehicle or other electrical devices. As the motor generates electricity, it also produces a braking effect that slows everything down.

Vehicles with regenerative technology also experience extended range as a result of increased energy storage.

When it comes to throttle control, our engineers designed the K1D to be as safe and intuitive as possible for your kiddos. 

All braking is done in a single, fluid motion that helps younger children learn how to handle a vehicle with ease. The bike will also slow down when the throttle is released without your child needing to apply the brakes (thanks, regen!) 

Battery Life and Safety

Let’s do a visualization exercise: it’s 11:00 am on a Saturday, and you’ve just dropped the kids off at soccer practice with an endless array of errands ahead of you. As if that weren’t enough to make you sweat, it just so happens to be the dead of summer and 100 degrees outside. You’re just leaving the chaos of the supermarket when you realize you left the K1Ds in the trunk of your car. 

While we still don't advise doing this, our newest tech keeps the K1D batteries safer than the competition with less degradation as a result of higher (or lower) temps. 

This same technology is used to keep your littles safe when riding, as you won’t ever run the risk of batteries overheating or causing harm if punctured (if your particular child has a biting issue, this is also probably great news).

Aside from its durability, the K1D battery can charge up to 100% with little degradation. This means that you’ll see a consistent delivery of power throughout any state of charge until the battery is drained. This is good news for kids who are out with their little buddies and need consistent performance to carry them home. It isn’t until the K1D reaches 20% battery remaining that the vehicle will slow down to alert the rider that it’s in need of some juice. 

Ride Modes 

Whether you’ve got a little Evel Knievel on your hands or a more reluctant rider, the K1D’s three riding modes make it easy to select a setting that’s perfect for your child’s level of expertise. Because our engineers anticipated riders with little to no reading skills, it was essential to make switching modes as intuitive as possible using sounds and visual cues. Each of the three modes (Mode 1, Mode 2, and Track Mode) can be selected with a twist of the high-visibility hex-patterned throttle, designed to indicate which grip is the power side. Once the throttle is released, a long beep will sound to let your child know they’ve selected a new mode, at which point a light and icon will flash upon the display. Each mode will also have a corresponding number of beeps to let the rider know which setting is selected (ex: one beep for Mode 1, two for Mode 2, and three for Track Mode). Every mode unlocks a new level of riding; Mode 1 allows for riding up to 7mph with slower acceleration, Mode 2 caps off at 13mph, and the more advanced Track Mode gets your little buddy up to 15mph. 

The Specs

Now for the nitty gritty: what does the K1D feature besides convenient and ahead-of-the-curve technology, and how does it stack up against the competition?

For starters, the K1D’s 750w max hub motor is a goliath when compared to other balance bikes on the market, which means your child will have an easier time conquering neighborhood hills.

Ergonomically crafted for your child’s maximum comfort, the SUPER73-K1D has a seat height of 19” and weighs 27 lbs, making it easy to toss in the back of the car. 

Take it Home 

For the first time, SUPER73 is a generational experience connecting you and your kids through exploration and adventure. Whether you’re zipping down trails together or going on a leisurely cruise through the neighborhood, the SUPER73-K1D has everything you need to conquer the world as a family.