Aratz Pinter, Vice President of Engineering sits down for an interview with SUPER73

Meet SUPER73's VP of Engineering

We’re giving a sneak peek inside SUPER73’s engineering department. You’ll get to know our Vice President of Engineering and learn more about what makes our bikes tick.



Plug in with Aratz Pinter, our Vice President of Engineering.


As a company, it’s no surprise that we like to have fun and avoid taking ourselves too seriously (you’ve seen videos like these on our TikTok or Instagram). 

While we like to keep things light for the most part, we take the quality of our bikes and the people who work on them very seriously. That’s why we’re peeling back the curtain and introducing you to the brilliant minds behind what makes your bike SUPER.

The first in our series of VIPs is also a VP; we sat down with Aratz Pinter to discuss his role as the Vice President of Engineering for SUPER73.

S73: Hi, Aratz! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today; let’s dive right in! What inspired you to become an e-bike engineer?

AP: Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to know how things worked. At some point, I understood that taking things apart would not be enough for me, so I studied engineering to really satisfy my curiosity. 


S73: What challenges have you faced when building electric bikes?

AP: The biggest challenge is finding the balance that makes each e-bike feel unique. When I engineer any of our products, I always have to remember the end user and how they will feel when they ride it. For example, is the rider looking for a smooth, urban ride or a more rugged experience? Are they a commuter or weekend joy-rider? 

S73: How do you ensure that SUPER73’S electric bikes are safe and reliable?

AP: We think very hard about how our bikes will be used and test, both virtually and in real life, for all use cases we think our riders will have. We know our product is unique within the e-bike ecosystem, and we ensure that we can provide the right experience to our customers. That's where technology comes into play; for every potential issue we find, we take the opportunity to develop a new technological solution that translates into a better e-bike.

S73: What do you think the future of electric bikes will look like?

AP: I think e-bikes will become a staple household item for personal transportation. With that, we will see an increase in the amount of technology that companies like ours will add to their products to differentiate themselves when it comes to performance and “wow factor.”


S73: What tips do you have for someone considering buying an electric bike?

AP: Consider your actual use case and find the e-bike that best fits it. Things like power and battery capacity are probably the most important metrics I'd look for. Make sure you test-ride them! Two e-bikes that share similar specs might feel totally different, and of course, nothing feels quite like a SUPER73. 


S73: Why SUPER73? What drew you to this company in particular?

AP: The company culture is so different from any other company I’ve ever experienced. I truly believe in the future of the brand and look forward to all of the innovation we have in store. 


S73: Thanks for chatting with us, Aratz! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in the new year!

Aratz Pinter is a born engineer and a true leader. Before working at SUPER73, he spent five years working for Rivian, helping to create a variety of adventure vehicles. He not only incites passion within a team to reach for more, but he also has the skills to help them achieve it. Aratz will take any project to new heights, using engineering fundamentals and a raw determination to find the right answer. We couldn’t be more proud to have him on our team!