Rider on Super73 S2 on mountain trail posing with snowy peak in the background

Electric Bike Riding in the Winter

If you’re an electric bike owner, you know how fun and exhilarating a winter ride can be. Sometimes, though, that frosty weather can put a damper on your fun. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. We’ll go over all of our hottest tips for joy riding during the coldest season. Read on to find out how to keep your SUPER73 running smoothly all winter long. 
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Can You Ride an Electric Bike in the Snow?

Riding an electric bike in the winter is safe and practical if you follow a few simple guidelines. 

Naturally, cruising around in the winter will present unique challenges you won’t encounter at other times of the year. These might include slick surfaces, blocked roadways, and piercing winds.

Fortunately, you can overcome these hurdles by planning ahead, dressing appropriately, and adhering to a few ebike maintenance best practices.

Staying Safe on Snow and Iced Terrains

Slippery roads are the most significant concern associated with riding your ebike in the winter.

When the roads ice over, standard bike tires might not provide optimal traction, which could limit your ability to control your bike. With that in mind, try to avoid obviously slick surfaces and go easy on the throttle when navigating treacherous roadways; perhaps opting for pedal assist instead. 

The fat tires that come standard on SUPER73’s ebikes will help you maintain traction when zipping down the roads in your winter wonderland. 

If you want even more traction, consider upgrading to GRZLY tires. These heavy-duty tires feature an aggressive tread design that provides superior grip on most surfaces.

Things to Check Before You Ride

The first thing you’ll want to do before taking your ebike out is to check the weather. If temperatures are close to or below zero, you’re probably better off skipping your ride until warmer weather returns. Also, make sure you don’t leave your ebike outside if the temperature is expected to fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your battery functioning optimally.

After confirming that the weather is suitable for bike travel, perform a final check before heading out. You’ll want to inspect some of your bike’s main components, including battery charge, tire pressure, brake functionality, and check the chain for rust or tight links (links that don't bend easily as they pass through the rear derailleur).

If anything seems off, don’t ride your ebike until you get it back in good working order.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Bike

Speaking of keeping your bike in top shape, you can do so by following a few winter maintenance best practices. Specifically, we suggest that you do the following:

Clean Your Bike Regularly

Anytime you get home from a ride, take a few minutes to clean your bike

Ordinarily, you can leave your bike outside to dry. However, this isn’t a good idea on especially cold days, as any water residue will likely freeze on the surface of your bike.

Store Your Battery Inside

Freezing temperatures can severely hamper battery performance. Therefore, we suggest bringing your battery inside the house when you’re not using your ebike.

If you wouldn’t leave your pets outside during a cold snap, you shouldn’t leave your ebike battery out, either.

Keep Your Battery Charged to 30% or Higher

If you decide not to ride in the snow, you may be tempted to stow your battery away for the winter. While there’s nothing wrong with bringing your battery inside for the season, it’s important to check its charge level periodically.

Batteries should never be stored in a discharged state (i.e. when your battery loses voltage or energy), as this can cause them to go into “deep discharge,” reducing their performance and lifespan. Aim to keep your battery charged to 30% or higher at all times, even if you don’t plan on using it for a few months.

Consider Buying a Kryptonite Lock and Bike Cover

While we think cold weather can make for some fantastic rides, we also understand that not everyone feels the same way. If you’d prefer to stay nice and toasty, take steps to keep your ebike secure when you put it away for the winter.

After you bring your battery inside, consider purchasing a bike cover and Kryptonite lock to keep your ebike protected until the spring.

By following these simple tips, you can make riding your ebike in the winter a safe and enjoyable experience.