Two Super73 ebike riders out for a scenic ride overlooking the coast

How to Choose an Electric Bike

Wouldn’t it be great if somebody put together a simple electric bike guide so you’d be able to confidently choose an electric bike? After all, there are a lot of details to consider, not least of which is that electric bikes come in three different classes.

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered with the ultimate SUPER73 electric bike buyer’s guide, so read on to find the top tips for purchasing an electric bike.


How Do I Choose the Right Electric Bike?

Choosing the right electric bike can be daunting, but we’ve made it easier by presenting you with a full breakdown of possibilities. Let’s start with the three classes.

Class 1

When riding in Class 1, the motor only engages when you’re pedaling. At 20 mph, there is no further electric assist.

Class 2

Class 2 models are identical to class 1, only with a throttle-powered mode added.

Class 3

Class 3 bikes are also identical to class 1, but their electric assist continues all the way to 28 mph. Throttle actuation is also possible on class 3 bikes.

Super73 cuts through all legal noise with a rather ingenious electric motor control feature that allows you to select which class you need as you go. 

If you need to ride in class 1 mode on bike paths with pedestrians around, dial in the specific riding experience you’re looking for by using SUPER73’s advanced over the air technology. However, if you feel the need for speed out on the road, you can adjust riding modes via the SUPER73 app.

Class 1, 2, or 3 is as easy as selecting what mode you want on your SUPER73 app, no matter which bike you decide to rock. It’s as easy as tapping your phone.

What Are the Top Super73 Electric Bikes?

The best electric bike guide will be the simplest. So let’s narrow it down to three simple and practical choices:


The SUPER73 Z-Series is made up of the ultimate neighborhood cruisers. The frame is a full-rigid setup, and the battery placement is versatile as the SUPER73-Z1 battery comes attached to the saddle and the Z MIAMI and SUPER73-ZX both feature batteries that are removable. The Z series features mechanical brakes and some of SUPER73’s most ergonomically comfortable features.


The SUPER73 S-Series is the next step in the lineup. The SUPER73-S1 features a rigid front and rear while the SUPER73-S2 is a hardtail model with front suspension.

The battery in this bike has about 1.5 times the capacity of the Z series, plus it’s removable from the frame, making charging as easy as taking the pack inside and plugging it in. Brakes are hydraulic discs, and S series bikes come with LED headlights and taillights.


The SUPER73 R-Series sits at the top of the lineup with full suspension, a bulletproof front thru-axle, and a fully removable battery pack that has two times the capacity of the Z series. 

You can also switch this bike into an off-road mode, allowing speeds above the legally mandated 28 mph on-road limit. Your phone can connect to the bike’s control unit through the SUPER73 app, allowing total control of its features.

What Size Bike Do I Need for My Height?

Every electric bike guide should also give you advice about frame size and rider height, and this one is no different. What’s different is how SUPER73 electric bikes are designed and built. 

One plus for many riders is that since SUPER73 seat heights are universally low and more like a motorcycle than a bicycle design, almost anyone can ride just about any SUPER73 electric bike. 

For those with a shorter inseam, we recommend the Z series. The SUPER73-Z1 features a seat height of 27”, while the SUPER73-ZX seat clocks in at 31” and the Z Miami boasts a height of 28", respectively.

Purchasing an Electric Bike

Availability makes a huge impact when you’re considering how to choose an electric bike. SUPER73 electric bikes are available to be purchased directly through the SUPER73 website, making the process easy and convenient. For those who prefer an in-person shopping experience, you can also find SUPER73 bikes at select retail shops in your area. Check out our dealer locator to find the shop closest to you.

Which One Will You Choose?

SUPER73 electric bikes come in plenty of colors and trim options, and you can check them all out online before you buy or at one of our friendly neighborhood retailers.

Whichever SUPER73 electric bike you ultimately decide on, get ready for the ride of your life! Electric bikes are one of the most exciting developments of the 21st century. Get your own SUPER73 electric bike now.