SUPER73-R Brooklyn
SUPER73-R Brooklyn
SUPER73-R Brooklyn
SUPER73-R Brooklyn
SUPER73-R Brooklyn
SUPER73-R Brooklyn

SUPER73-R Brooklyn

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Color: Metallic Aluminum

An Ebike that Goes the Distance

Performance Street Racer

The SUPER73-R Brooklyn showcases all of SUPER73’s iconic features; the powerful R-series drive system, along with two-piston hydraulic brakes and dual suspension. Boasting a new LED headlight and our LZRD tires, the R Brooklyn is equipped for peak city and street riding. For riders 16 years of age and older.

icon showing top speed


CLASSES 1/2: 20+MPH*


  • Top Speed | Classes 1/2 20+MPH* Class 3/Off-Road: 28+ MPH* | View Speed Chart

    Range | 40-55 miles*
    *40+ miles of range at 20mph under Class-2 throttle-only operation; 75+ miles of range using Class-1 pedal assist mode

    Charge Time | 6-7 hrs

    Battery | 960Wh (48V 20Ah) UL2271 Compliant

    Motor | 750w nominal | View Motor Power Chart

    Throttle | Thumb Throttle

    Gearing & Rear Derailleur | Single Speed

  • Vehicle Weight | 83 lbs

    Length x Width x Height | 71" x 27" x 42"

    Rider Weight Limit | 325 lbs

    Seat Height | 32"

  • Frame | Aluminum

    Suspension (if applicable) | Full / Rear Adjustable

    Brakes | Hydraulic

    Tires | LZRD / 4.5" Front / 5" Rear

    Inner Tubes | 20" x 4.5/5"

  • Head Light | LED

    Tail Light | LED

    Horn | Yes

  • Vehicle Assembly | View the SUPER73-R Brooklyn Owner's Manual for everything you need to get your SUPER73 assembled in just 15 minutes.

key components

Two men throttling their Super73 ebikes and kicking up dirt

throttle first

Each bike comes pre-programmed in the Class-2 mode, which allows for throttle operation and pedal-assist riding up to 20mph. Switch between ride modes to access Class-1, Class-3, and Off-Road mode to reach 28mph+

Young man sitting on a Super73 ebike highlighting the removable battery

removable battery

Charging on the go? We’ve made it easy for you with our removable battery. Get 40+ miles* of range at 20mph under Class-2 throttle-only operation; 75+ miles* of range using Class-1 pedal-assist mode.

Closeup of the Super73 ebike handlebars where the smart display controller is located

smart display

Stay mobile with the SUPER73 app and Smart Display! Once you download, you’ll unlock all of your bike’s features via over-the-air updates. You’ll also gain access to turn-by-turn navigation, easily transition between pedal assist modes, and get to view your ride’s stats in real time.

*Free shipping promotions exclude orders to Hawaii. Battery range estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. Mileage may vary. All bikes are subject to minor cosmetic changes. We only ship within the 48 contiguous states and Hawaii. Final shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Please note, shipments to Hawaii are subject to extended delivery time frames due to cargo ship transportation. The estimated delivery timeline for orders shipping to Hawaii is 4-6 weeks. Please review the Returns & Cancellation Policy and the Warranty Information for this vehicle.