Riders enjoying Z-Miami bikes in a neighborhood

SUPER73 Debuts Z-Miami, R-Brooklyn, & More

In an exciting debut, SUPER73 rolls out it's latest models including the exciting SUPER73-Z Miami, SUPER73-R Brooklyn, and so much more. In our biggest product announcement to date, it's clear that SUPER73 has something for everybody.

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In its biggest product announcement ever, the e-bike company has something for everybody!

Fans, followers, and industry insiders know SUPER73® – the American lifestyle adventure brand specializing in electric motorbikes – is setting a blistering pace for product development and innovation. However, few people could have expected such a flurry of activity, with two brand new products being announced, in addition to the revolutionary new SUPER73-C1X Concept and new SUPER73 Youth Series. Information about each of these developments has been sent to you separately while we will focus here on the all-new SUPER73-Z Miami as well as the updated SUPER73-R Brooklyn. We will also reveal new colorways for the entire 2022 SUPER73 model range.


SUPER73-Z Miami

This new model is an evolution of the iconic Z1, one of SUPER73’s original products. The Z1 has been its most successful e-bike to date thanks to its accessibility in terms of seat height and cost. The new SUPER73-Z Miami will continue to provide a fun and accessible entry point into the world of SUPER73 but with a raft of updates inspired by community feedback.

The new Z Miami features an extensive list of significant improvements to refresh the entry-level model, including a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy frame with improved ergonomics. The new frame construction will help to reduce weight, making it the lightest bike in the SUPER73 full-size lineup. This lightweight construction allows for easier transportation of the bike as well as improved agility while riding. Additionally, the Z Miami has been upgraded with a convenient removable battery, allowing more charging options. The model also comes with a new motor that will provide greater performance and the option of pedal assist. The SUPER73-Z Miami has even gained Bluetooth connectivity via the flexible SUPER73 phone app, which enables the user to change rider settings and more.

The internally geared brushless DC hub motor is capable of 1200 watts of peak power. Coupled to a durable 615 watt-hour removable battery, the SUPER73-Z Miami is capable of providing more than 30 miles* of range at 20mph under throttle-only operation, or approximately 50 miles* of range using ECO pedal assist mode via the selectable riding modes in the SUPER73 phone app. Additionally, it will be supplied pre-wired for easy installation of optional accessory lighting.

The 28” seat height will comfortably accommodate riders between 4’6” - 5’11”. This will allow the vast majority of people to enjoy the new SUPER73-Z Miami, which is a fun and accessible entry point into the world of SUPER73.

When it arrives in Spring of 2022, the Z Miami will be available in a fresh range of colors, including Powder Gray, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red and Prickly Pink. The new model will also be compatible with a wide range of SUPER73 accessories, allowing riders to fully personalize it. Please visit super73.com for more information and updates.

SUPER73-R Brooklyn

Launched in 2020, the flagship SUPER73-R and RX models have proved hugely popular with riders looking for a versatile electric motorbike that offers full suspension, high-performance disc brakes, a lightweight aluminum frame, and one of the most powerful motors in its class. The two models were very similar, which could make it difficult for customers to differentiate between them, and so it became apparent that additional features were needed for the R model. 

To address these observations, the SUPER73 design and engineering teams decided to provide greater clarity between the two products. For the 2022 Model Year, the SUPER73-RX will continue to offer a more overt off-road vibe, while the SUPER73-R Brooklyn will be focused on “street performance.” As such, it gains new street-specific SUPER73 LZRD tires for extended commuter rides. The tires were designed with micro knurling to improve cornering grip while balancing tire life. With good handling on the street, this modern tire was built to tackle the urban landscape while delivering longevity.

Other refinements for street use include a new SUPER73 mid-rise “Drago” Chromoly handlebar to give the rider better control without compromising comfort. The bar is complemented by the Speedster Low Profile seat, which allows the rider to move around more freely when cornering and helps to ensure greater comfort for longer rides.

The SUPER73-R Brooklyn now includes a front and rear lighting package plus a horn – items that were previously reserved for the RX. The R Brooklyn also gets air assist for its inverted coil spring fork to enhance comfort and control, while its two-piston hydraulic brakes are retained.

As before, the SUPER73-R Brooklyn has a powerful internally geared brushless DC hub motor capable of 2300 watts peak output. Powered by a state-of-the-art 960 watt-hour battery, the R can deliver more than 40 miles* of range at 20mph under throttle activation, or in excess of 75 miles* using ECO pedal assist mode, selected via the SUPER73 phone app.

As part of the 2022 MY update program, the SUPER73-R Brooklyn and RX models will be available in three colors: Obsidian, Blu Tang, and Dark Earth.

The SUPER73-R Brooklyn and RX models will be available from Spring 2022 and can be ordered via super73.com


For the 2022 Model Year, all current SUPER73 models will receive new colorways to give them a fresh, new look. The new finishes will be available later this year.

  • SUPER73-Z Miami: Powder Gray, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red, Prickly Pink
  • SUPER73-ZX: Ron Burgundy, Panthro Blue, Agave Green
  • SUPER73-S2: Obsidian, Flannel Green, Bone White
  • SUPER73-R Brooklyn and RX: Obsidian, Blu Tang, Dark Earth

*Battery range estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. Mileage may vary.