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Lifestyle image of a close up on the Super73 ebike tires.

Get Wheel Smart

We’re Taking the Pressure Out of Finding the Right Tire

Finding the right tires for your electric bike doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re here to help with a comprehensive look at all of your options. Our tire compatibility chart provides a helpful breakdown of all tire sizing and tread so that you can find the perfect fit for your SUPER73.

Lifestyle close up image of the GRZLY tire on a dirt road.

GRZLY Override

Built Tough

Even the most rugged terrain is no match for the GRZLY Override series. Designed with aggressive, knobby style tread, riders looking for light trail performance will find the perfect fit in these 20in. x 4.5in. and 20in. x 5in. moto-inspired tires.

Lifestyle close up image of a BDGR tire with sand in the grooves.

BDGR Override

Switch It Up

The BDGR Override series are available in both 20in. x 4.5in. and 20in. x 5in. They are perfect for riders looking to blur the boundaries of light trail and street performance. These tires are a bit knobby, but with a smooth finish that allows for versatile riding conditions.

Lifestyle close up image of LZRD tires on a Super73.

LZRD Override

Cruise Control

Built for the perfect neighborhood ride, our LZRD Override series was designed with both reliability and efficiency in mind. With a Micro-Knurled surface texture for maximum grip, an All Weather on-road tread pattern, and a center “Speed Strip” for straight line speed, nothing will stand in your way.

Lifestyle close up image of the Trooper tires on a Super73 electric bike.


Street Smart

With minimal tread pattern for street handling, the Trooper series was optimized for superior urban performance. Explore your city like never before.

Lifestyle close up image of the All Terrain tires on the Super73 S1.

All Terrain

Easy Riding

With a sharp, knobby tread for both road and light trail handling, the All Terrain is able to meet your needs wherever you decide to cruise.

Street Smart Tires

Front view of a single GRZLY Tire.

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