Rider on a Super73 ebike on an urban street looking into the distance

Mobile App Updates

Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of our app before you upgrade as not doing so could result in critical issues for your bike.


  • App Redesign

    This update includes a reskin that makes it easier to find your favorite features. Access the class mode and change assist level directly from the app home screen and customize the dashboard to showcase your preferred stats. This update will be available for Android users Wednesday, December 20th, and for iPhone users in January 2024.

  • Let's Talk Torque

    We know patience is a virtue…but we also know that waiting is the absolute worst. Luckily, your days of crossing your fingers for the torque update are over as we launch the latest in performance boosts for S2 and R-Series owners. Starting Monday, September 26, S2 and R-Series owners will be prompted to download an update that will give a performance boost to the motor.  Once upgraded, overall top speed will remain the same, but you’ll see a noticeable increase in acceleration (stoked) and smoother power ramp. SUPER73-ZX and Z Miami models will already experience a comparable acceleration speed without the torque update, although a Class 2 reset feature will now be enabled. Keep checking your app so that you don’t miss a thing!

    Functionality Update

    To keep up with the evolving regulations of the ever-changing e-bike industry, we’ve adjusted the class mode functionality to revert to Class 2 every time you power down your bike. For example, even though you may turn off your bike in Class 3, you’ll automatically be in Class 2 when you hop back on.


    A lot of you have been waiting with bated breath (to say the least) for the Torque Update. Part of what has taken so long is making sure this update is compatible across all models. Unfortunately, a subset of first generation controllers will be incompatible with the update and will not be eligible.

    You’re in Control

    This new version is not mandatory at this time, so it is your choice whether you want to update your app. Once updated, you cannot revert to a previous version.

    If your app does not receive a notification to update by the end of November, you can reach out to Customer Care to confirm if your bike is part of the batch that is eligible.