Super Squad flag waving in the wind during a rider meetup

Start Your Own Squad

Looking to start a group of your own? It’s easier than you might think! Whether you’re looking for a few buddies to attend a SUPER73 event with or planning out a group ride, your key to community starts with a SUPER73. 

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We’ve cultivated a passionate community of riders with the desire to explore, meet new people, and celebrate the world of electric riding. If these sound like your kind of people, you’re in luck; follow our handy steps below and get your group started!

Step One: Get Social 

Get active on social media and search for SUPER73 to find other E-bike groups! You’ll be surprised to find just how far this community reaches. Following our Instagram accounts @super73 and @super73community is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a network of fellow riders. 

Step Two: Attend SUPER73 Events 

Not only will you have a blast with opportunities to win prizes, get exclusive deals, and indulge in great food, you’ll meet likeminded riders at our events who are eager to link up.

Step Three: Join Local Group Rides 

There’s nothing better than a SUPER73 group ride to make friends and feel the rush of adventure that an E-bike brings. Be sure to link up with your fellow riders and attend local rides whenever you can. 

It’s that easy. Be sure to share your adventures with us by tagging @super73 and @super73community on all social platforms. We’re excited to see how far you can take the Super Squad!