Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it, your dad deserves more than a Hawaiian shirt this Father’s Day. Get him what he really needs with SUPER73’s comprehensive gift guide.

Cue the Dad Jokes 

Ah, dads. The source of all our cringy puns, the untapped fount of questionable wisdom, the man who thinks shirts with a picture of a dog drinking beer on the back are the height of fashion. What would we do without the father figures in our lives?

Show him how much you’ve appreciated his corniness throughout the years by shopping our Father’s Day gift guide. You won’t find any generic ties or bland gift cards here. This year, you’re getting him the gift of adventure. 

We’ve broken our ebikes down by their unique personas so that you can find the perfect fit for pops. After all, your dad taught you how to ride a bike; the least you can do is buy his. 

The Beach Dad

Despite always seeming to get a farmer’s tan no matter how much sunscreen he lathers on his body, this dad loves the beach. He thrives in a casual, laid-back atmosphere and has a healthy appreciation for the good life. 

This dad belongs on our SUPER73-S2. The S2 is the perfect accessory for a relaxing summer day with its comfortable 2UP seat, eye-catching silhouette, and BDGR tires for improved traction and increased stability. 

He’ll feel the salty air on his face as he reaches a top speed of 28mph+ and can enjoy exploring to his heart’s content with up to 75 miles of range per charge. 

Plus, you can throw on a compatible cargo crate so Dad can transport all his bait and tackle and live out his dream of being a fly-fisherman. The beach can get a little messy sometimes, so toss in some of our favorite Chemical Guys products to keep his new ride squeaky clean. 

The Camp Dad

Break out the s’mores and campfire stories; this dad is most comfortable in the great outdoors. He’s looking for something a little more rugged, something bold that can go the distance with him. The wild is calling, and your dad is answering with the most thrilling ride we have to offer.  Enter the SUPER73-S Adventure.

The S Adventure will take your dad to the next level with full suspension, improved weight distribution, and aggressive GRZLY tires. 

This daring ebike also comes with a bright headlight and horn for added safety when your dad hits the trails. 

Sometimes peace and quiet can be hard to find and often requires a road trip or two. Add one of our bike racks to your purchase so your dad can stay on the go without the hassle. And if you’re really looking to score brownie points, our collection of Chrome Bags offers the perfect way to keep Dad’s snacks and gear safe from hungry bears. 

The City Dad 

The city dad is a slick and street-smart maverick, cruising the urban jungle in his New Balances on the hunt for the perfect brewery. Or, he’s just a dad looking to become the life of the block party. Either way, the SUPER73-R Brooklyn is screaming his name. 

The R Brooklyn boasts all of SUPER73’s most iconic features combined with the R-series’ powerful drive system. Dual suspension and hydraulic brakes offer masterful street handling, while a bright headlight keeps your dad safe and seen on those lively city nights. It’s an ebike that offers both style and performance for the dads that want it all. 

Gift some extra peace of mind when you include our favorite locks and security tools with your purchase. 

The Best Dads Become Ebike Riders

Whatever SUPER73 your dad is riding, you can rest assured that this will be a Father’s Day he’ll never forget. Show him how much you care and how much better you are than your siblings by getting him what he really wants this year.