A rider on a Super73 Adventure Series ebike riding through the mud


Our 2023 Lineup Has Arrived

The electric revolution has begun with our brand-new lineup of high-performance models. Whether you’re looking to conquer advanced terrain with the bold, new Adventure Series, redefining what’s possible with the C1X, or making SUPER73 a family affair with the K1D, SUPER73’s 2023 lineup will permanently change the way you ride.

Lifestyle image of a male rider on the C1X looking out at the view while wearing a helmet.

Motoculture Gets Electrified with the C1X

Challenge Tradition

The C1X is breaking new ground with unparalleled technology and jaw-dropping style. See what all the hype is about and become a part of the electric revolution.

Empower Imagination with the K1D

The First Ride

The SUPER73 experience is now a generational one with the K1D. This electric trainer broadens your little one’s horizons and instills them with the confidence they need to tackle any adventure.

The Super73 Universe
Closeup of the Super73 Adventure Series new colorway in Metallic Aluminum

New 2023 Colorways Are Here

Ride in Color

New year, new colors! Individualize your ride with a bold new array of core model colorways.