Based in Orange County, California, we passionately design, manufacture and distribute the Super73 electric motorbike. We are a proud U.S. veteran-owned company. The original Super73's are Made in America certified.

Our Super73-SG series for global markets such as Europe, Australia, Japan and South Africa are certified as electric pedal assist cycles (EPAC) according to EN 15194

In May 2016, we launched the Super73® electric motorbike, which has quickly grown into the most popular electric bike on the Internet.

As a team, we love bicycles and motorcycles. Our goal was to design a new kind of electric hybrid with cutting edge technology, that was inspired by the rich heritage of motorcycle culture. At Super73, Inc., our mission is to build the best electric motorbikes. We also strive to provide excellent customer service with a personal touch.

Our community of riders is growing rapidly and we hope you’ll join us soon.