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Masterful Ingenuity Meets Show-Stopping Design

The HALO Customs team is a task force of our most creative minds dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind experiences by taking stock Super73s and building something truly remarkable.

Side view of Custom Top Golf Super73 S2.

Top Golf

Changing the Game

Call it a hole in one! Our custom SUPER73-S2 created in honor of Top Golf L.A.’s grand opening combines the classic design of our most popular bike with the utility of a top-rate caddie.

Angled side view of Noel Miller custom Super73 RX.

Noel Miller

Ready for the Speedway

This custom SUPER73-RX was built to pay homage to YouTube sensation Noel Miller’s unique racing style. With a special paint job to match Noel’s suit and helmet, this bike was meant to stand out.

Angled side view of custom Super73 RX for Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva

A Bike Fit for a Champion

What kind of custom do you create for a modern day superhero? We answered this question with our modified SUPER73-RX — powerful performance and design that packs a punch.

Angled side view of Liquid Death custom Super73-S2.

The MotoPsycho

A Hardcore Collaboration

We partnered with the mad scientists over at Liquid Death to create a one-of-a-kind model that we deemed “The MotoPsycho.” Known for pushing the boundaries of tradition, Liquid Death helped us take this custom SUPER73-S2 to the next level.

Side view of Chloe Moretz custom Super73-S2.

Chloe Moretz

Hit the Throttle

Inspired by Chloe’s love of classic moto culture, this custom SUPER73-RX has an aged looking seat and traditional moto-style striping to complete the look.

Angled side view of Batman Box Lunch custom Super73 RX.

Batman Box Lunch

Electric Vengeance

Created in partnership with Box Lunch for a special sweepstakes, this custom SUPER73-RX was designed to make the Caped Crusader himself ditch the Batmobile to go electric.

Side view of Mr. Feastables custom Super73 Z1.

Mr. Beast Feastables

Eye Candy

We teamed up with YouTube master Mr. Beast for his Feastables Sweepstakes Spectacular to create these epic customs. The bikes were designed to embody the fun and imagination imbued in every aspect of the Feastables brand.

Side view of Santa's custom Super73-RX.

Santa Bike

Santa’s Got a Brand New Ride

Let’s face it...Santa deserves a little love too. We created this custom to honor the big man in red complete with bells, a custom frame bag capable of holding all of your toys, and a special faux velvet seat by Saddlemen.

Angled top view of Ford Bronco custom Super73-S2.

Ford Bronco

Stealing the Show

This dream build came to life with the help of John Pangilinan, whose matching Ford Bronco project vehicle debuted at the SEMA Trade Show last year. This award winning design came complete with custom gold chains, a yellow-tinted headlight, and a bread loaf-style custom seat.

Side view of Sharpie Super73-RX custom.

Cody Novell - Sharpie Bike

Coloring Outside the Lines

We’re always blown away by what this community can do, but Super Squad member Cody Novell really took things to the next level with this custom SUPER73-RX. Through an abundance of creativity and dedication, Cody was able to design this entire custom by hand, using nothing but a Sharpie!

Side view of Tyler the Creator Super73 Z1 custom.

Tyler the Creator - Golf

Streetwear Meets Street Performance

This eye-catching custom SUPER73-Z1 was created exclusively in collaboration with Tyler the Creator and the team over at Golf Wang. Simultaneously fashion forward and unconventional, we wanted this model to do justice by such an innovative brand.

Side view of Post Malone custom Super73.

Post Malone

24K of Electric Excellence

We hit the ground running with one of our first custom projects ever for world renowned rapper, Post Malone. This 24K gold project was a real team effort with custom leather work, frame modification, and decal work.

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