User loading up a Super73-ZX model Ebike onto a 1UP rack.

Best Ways to Transport Electric Bikes

Suppose you’re interested in embarking on an adventure that exceeds your electric bike’s range. In that case, a car-mounted bike carrier is the best way to bring  it to your next adventure destinat...
Aratz Pinter, Vice President of Engineering sits down for an interview with SUPER73

Meet SUPER73's VP of Engineering

We’re giving a sneak peek inside SUPER73’s engineering department. You’ll get to know our Vice President of Engineering and learn more about what makes our bikes tick.  
Rider on Super73 S2 on mountain trail posing with snowy peak in the background

Electric Bike Riding in the Winter

If you’re an electric bike owner, you know how fun and exhilarating a winter ride can be. Sometimes, though, that frosty weather can put a damper on your fun. The good news is that it doesn’t have ...
Two Super73 ebike riders out for a scenic ride overlooking the coast

How to Choose an Electric Bike

Wouldn’t it be great if somebody put together a simple electric bike guide so you’d be able to confidently choose an electric bike? After all, there are a lot of details to consider, not least of ...
Super73 ebikes pulling riders on skateboards

Electric Bike Rider Etiquette and Road Rules

Ebike road rules are in place to ensure you ride safely when you’re around traffic, be that cars or pure pedal-power bikes or pedestrians. Pay attention to proper electric bike etiquette, and you’l...
Silhouette of Super73 Ebike rider with helmet

Best Ebikes of 2022

Looking for the best electric bikes 2022 has to offer? Look no further; SUPER73’s lineup leaves the competition in the dust. 
Super73 ebike riders on the beach at sunset

The Best Electric Bike for the Beach

In your quest for the perfect electric bike for the beach, you don’t have to settle. You can also secure the best electric bike for commuters in the same ebike. 
Super73 ebike protected by kryptonite lock

Securing and Locking Up Your Ebike

Securing your ebike is extremely important. This simple, quick guide on how to lock it, where to lock it, and what to lock it with will allow you to ride worry-free.
A pair of Super73 ebike riders commuting to work

The Best Electric Bike for Commuting

Electrifying your commute with an ebike can transform your experience. Which ebike is best? Here are a few tips about the features your ebike needs.
Two young girls sitting on Super73 ebikes and strapping helmets on

Must Have Ebike Accessories

There are certain must-have accessories every SUPER73 ebike and rider needs. Getting OEM accessories from SUPER73 guarantees fit and durability for years.
Riders wearing helmets enjoying a paved bike path

Health Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bike

Although some have debated the benefits of ebikes, the fact is that ebikes are incredibly beneficial and not just for their riders. 
Closeup of 5 inch badger front tire on S2 model bike

Benefits of Fat Tires For Ebikes

They look cool! Okay, there's a lot more to ebikes fat tires than just appearance, but you can consider that to be the first benefit on the list. 
mechanics working on ebike in a garage

Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric bikes are growing in popularity with each passing year. But what does it take to maintain one? Find out in this simple maintenance guide.
A group of friends riding ebikes down the sidewalk with helmets on.

Electric Bike Helmets And Safety

Electric bikes are rapidly redefining what’s possible in the world of recreation. When this rapid growth happens, we still have to go back to our roots and focus on what’s most important. 
Lifestyle image of a group of friends riding their Super73 ebikes.

Pedal Assist Vs. Throttle: How Are They Different?

If you’ve been thoroughly researching your electric bikes, you’re familiar with the finer points of how they work: either the electric motor assists you as you pedal, or you control how much assist...