Kryptonite NY Cinch Ring Chain 1213

Kryptonite NY Cinch Ring Chain 1213

Sale price$186.96

A 9/10 security rating and maximum strength manganese steel chain links make this Kryptonite NY Cinch Ring Chain your best bet when it comes to securing your bike and protecting your peace of mind.

Kryptonite also offers an Anti-Theft Protection Offer (ATPO) on specific locks. Created by Kryptonite in 1978, the Anti-Theft Protection Offer is a program that reimburses registered customers for a specific monetary amount in the event their bicycle/motorcycle is stolen due to the opening or breaking of the lock by force. ATPO coverage is not bicycle insurance and there is no affiliation with an insurance company. The offer is administered by Kryptonite.

To locate the ATPO coverage amount, look for the sticker on the front of your Kryptonite lock package or check the product page on the Kryptonite website. This is an optional offer and you must register to participate in the Program.


  • 12mm six-sided, chain links made of 3T hard manganese steel for maximum strength
  • Cinch loop for effective lock-ups using less chain
  • Offers nearly the same “in-use” length as a traditional 5.5’ chain, which means less bulk to carry
  • Durable, protective nylon cover with hook-n-loop fasteners to hold in place
  • 3 stainless steel keys – one lighted with high intensity bulb & replaceable battery
  • 9/10 security rating