S-Series Battery 14.5Ah

S-Series Battery 14.5Ah

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Need some extra miles? Or maybe you want a battery at home and a battery at your workplace. You can now purchase an extra battery for your S or S1 Super 73 models. At a speed of around 20 mph you should be able to ride for 35-40 miles. 

This 48V 14.5Ah (696 watt hours) lithium-ion battery is custom made for Lithium Cycles and works with the Super 73 S-Series bikes. The batteries can be interchanged on both S and S1 models, however does not fit the Original Super 73 models. 

  • Charges in 5-6 hours
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Comes with a set of 2 keys

Note: shipping of lithium-ion batteries requires special handling and care. Super73 is properly certified to ship these batteries.