Why Buy From Lithium Cycles?

There are more and more electric bikes and motorcycles on the market and we wanted to help you sort through all the options. If you're thinking about getting a Super 73, the following can help you make your decision. 
Tip: While shopping for electric vehicles, make sure you check for warranties, where you can get the bike serviced, and what the reputation is for the batteries and motors. 


VIDEO - Brock

One of our Kickstarter backers writes about his first experience on the Super 73:
"A quick ride report from me for the benefit of the Lithium team and its backers, particularly David at @Metaform, who inquired about the 73's climbing abilities...
My first complete ride into work this morning was a success! Stats from Strava: distance of 11.8 miles, moving time of 36:36, elevation of 707 feet, average speed of 19.3 mph, and max speed of 29.3 mph.
There're a 5.5%-grade, 1.5-mile hill on my commute. The 73 conquered that hill without a sweat! I began using throttle alone. That got me about 20 mph. Then, I noticed my battery meter showing the battery almost empty--I did not charge before the ride--so I switched to pedal assist 5. I was then going at the high teens. Good workout. So, all in all, a very successful first ride into work. Very, very satisfied! My gratitude to Lithium Cycles for bringing the Super 73 to market and, more importantly, for putting this perma-smile on my face as if I'm a child riding without a care in the world. Love ❤️ you guys!". - Douglas
More comments on Kickstarter can be found here.

Attentive & Personal Customer Service
We're available 6 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm and can tell you everything you need to know about the bike. We make time for each of our customers and respond to your needs in the best way we can. Available via phone, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram or our online chat. Or, better yet, our doors in Orange County are open for visits. 

Quality & Reliable Parts
Our team has been riding motorcycles, skateboarding, surfing and cycling (cities and off-roading) since the 70s and we know our stuff. It is important for us that our bikes reflect our own high standards and make our experience as fun, hassle-free and reliable as much for us as it should be for you. 

We're Building in America
See the process illustrated here
- Consumers these days are used to buying mostly products that made in China. When that happens, the money spent on that is not entirely recirculated in the US economy. We design our bikes in-house, buy our materials from local fabricators such as Industrial Metal Supply, our hardware comes from Jet Fitting, and we use local shops for powder coating the many available colors we offer on the Super 73.
- We bend our frames in-house, right here in Orange County, and also do the entire assembly. We hire welders and temporary help through an employment agency, so that every one is covered with healthcare and properly salaried.
- Our bikes are carefully checked and packaged using the best packaging we could find, to ensure the Super 73 arrives safely, fresh off our assembly line. Your purchase means a lot to us, as thanks to you we're able to continue building amazing bikes. 

Reputable Electrical Components
We get our batteries, controllers and motors through our reputable partners Lectric Cycles. They have over 130 dealers across the USA, meaning if you have any issues with those parts, they are close by and can help talk you through the issue.

Our Community & Group Rides
Once you get your Super 73, you can join our frequent group rides in California. Soon enough, you'll be able to organize your own Super 73 group rides across the nation!