Professional Assembly

Super73 has partnered with Velofix to bring you the option of unparalleled premium at-home assembly service. With Velofix, your new Super73 will be professionally assembled by a certified bike mechanic at your home or office. A Velofix representative will even show you how to use your new Super73.
Velofix SUPER73 bike assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book the velofix build service?
You can book your Velofix assembly HERE

How much does velofix cost?
Velofix offers their premium on location assembly service for $229.00 to Super73 riders.

Is Velofix available in my area?
Velofix mobile bike shops are available in most parts of the the Country and select areas of Canada.

Where will the service be performed?
Velofix performs all the service on-site at your home, office, or any other place where your Super73 is delivered. A certified bike mechanic will do all the work inside their mobile bike shop.

Is the velofix fee refundable if I decide to return my bike?
Once the Velofix assembly and delivery services have been rendered, the $229.00 fee is not refundable.

What happens if I miss my velofix appointment?
It’s important to communicate any Velofix assembly cancellations with your local franchise operator in order to avoid cancellation charges.

Velofix professional bike assembly Super73

Learn more about Velofix here or call us today for questions.