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Electric bikes are rapidly redefining what’s possible in the world of recreation. When this rapid growth happens, we still have to go back to our roots and focus on what’s most important. 

Your safety is paramount to us here at Super73. It’s not realistic to think about electric bikes as mere bicycles with electric motors tacked on.

We have to think of these incredible new machines as motorbikes, which is a change in perspective that means everything when it comes to your well-being as a rider.

Serious Speed

Do you need a helmet for an electric bike? Let’s put it this way: Super73’s ebikes can effortlessly reach 20 mph and reach a peak speed of 28 mph.

For the average cyclist in decent shape, 20 mph is a dead sprint on flat ground, probably with a tailwind to boot. With nothing but pedal power, you’re not going to be able to sustain that kind of speed for very long at all, especially on fat tires, which have a lot of rolling resistance.

But our ebikes can travel for more than 30 miles at 20 mph on a full charge if the conditions are right, which makes it a good idea to consider wearing an ebike helmet, even if it’s not your first choice in fashion.

Electric Bike Helmet Types

If you were to think about ebike safety as if you were riding a motorcycle, you might think twice about helmet design. Like anything these days, when choosing the best helmet for electric bikes, you have options, not just for style but for coverage:

  • Bike and skate designs are usually open-face and may feature a visor

  • Open face designs typically offer better ventilation

  • Full face designs provide more protection

When you choose a full-face design, you’ll want to use a fog-resistant chemical to treat the face shield for maximum visibility in all conditions. You’ll also need to be prepared to sweat a little more since full-face helmets work best at sustained speeds with minimal rider exertion.

An open-face design is most likely the best choice for your ebike, with its balance between protection and ventilation. Additionally, your vision won’t be impaired by a potentially foggy face shield.

The Importance of Chin Straps

At the risk of sounding a bit like your mom, we have to stress the importance of properly using the chin strap on your helmet. In all seriousness, helmets tend to be most necessary when there’s a lot of sudden kinetic energy being exchanged between at least two objects. 

In other words, a helmet is most prone to popping off your head when you need it most. Keeping that chin strap buckled and snug under your chin is the best insurance policy against having to live with a traumatic brain injury for the rest of your life.

Best Electric Bike Helmets

Luckily, we’re able to make a couple of excellent ebike helmet recommendations.

For starters, consider the Thousand Heritage helmet. Its urban, minimalist design harkens back to vintage moto-style and colors from the 50s and 60s.

Another great option is the Chapter MIPS helmet. This stylish lid has an integrated LED taillight and features full integration with the MIPS system, which mitigates rotational motions in a crash that can cause further injury. 

For more information on electric bike helmets and other accessories, check out Super73’s full catalog.

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