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SUPER73's collection of R-series models offer an answer to the call of adventure for those craving a more daring riding experience. Explore some of our most thrilling ebikes and push the boundaries of electric exploration.
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SUPER73-R Adventure Series
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SUPER73-R Brooklyn
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An Ebike for the Fearless

The Trailblazer

A SUPER73 R Series ebike on a bike rack of an SUV

Dual Suspension

The R-series doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Complete with dual suspension, these models are top performers when it comes to more aggressive trails.

A young woman sitting on a SUPER73 R-Series ebike

Powerful Drive System

This lineup features an ambitious 750w nominal motor for high-performance, long-lasting rides.

A young man standing on the pedal of a SUPER73 R-Series ebike while riding on the beach

Improved Weight Distribution

We fine-tuned our R-series models to go the distance with comfy, extended seats for more wiggle room and enhanced handling.