Super 73 + Night Crawlers Visit K1 Speed

When you get an invitation to hang out at K1 Speed with some of the coolest viral photographers, you get over there full throttle (was that too much of a pun?). K1 closed their track on Monday like every other Monday, but what was different this time was that when those doors closed to the public, they opened to us. 
Joined by the Night Crawlers, we zipped around their tracks for hours not only in their karts, but on our bikes. We pushed our bikes to racing limits that they had previously not been pushed to. Tearing around corners and hitting 27 mph on the straightaways, our Super 73 team showed that our bikes can compete in the racing arena. 

Check out the Night Crawlers on Instagram and give them a follow! They create breathtaking scenes using long exposure and creative lights. If you haven't ordered your Super 73 yet, be sure to click here for our latest stock. The sooner you join team Super 73, the sooner you start your own adventures!

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