18th Annual Military Tribute Safety Tour

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Military Tribute Safety Tour at MCAS Miramar and MCB Camp Pendleton to connect with the local troops in Southern California. This tour provides the military safety tips around distracted driving, DUI and how to operate & maintain vehicles, watercraft, off-road, ATV & motorcycles.

Military Safety Tour
The weather couldn’t have been more perfect on these days. Like clockwork, we received waves of troops in which Sandy Rose Bauler of Driven2Dare greeted upon arriving. We had some time to present our company history including being US Veteran-owned as well as talking about safety and rules of the road when riding a bike or electric motorbike. Super73 was well received by the men and women. After signing the waiver and grabbing a helmet, troops lined up to demo our model lineup. We went over the bike’s capabilities and they were off riding in the demo area. Friendly competition is always welcome, so we hosted a few obstacles to test their skills; drag race, a slalom course and slow race which consists of getting to the finish line the slowest while balancing the bike and not having your feet touch the ground.

Military Safety Tour
It was an honor to promote safety and responsibility to our troops. We recommend wearing a helmet when operating your Super73 and obey the laws. On Memorial Day, we honor all of the brave men and women who have served our country and given the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you.

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